Babbelbub LongLegged Vicky
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Victoria 4 has a built in function to make her legs longer. It works fine but if you ever tried to put shoes on such a longlegged creature you would notice that the shoes joints doesn't match that of Victoria. I won't pretend to fully understand what's going on there but I've managed to build a pair of boots that seems to be working. And then I had to build a character and a bulletbra to match the boots and the long legs, of course, and one thing led to another...:) Included in this product are a body and face injection that uses V4 morphs. It will make Victoria's legs longer. There is a skin for the character and eight eye colors and twelve lip colors. There are a pair of conforming boots for the LongLegged character. They will fit that character only but I also included a pair of conforming boots that fit V4/A4 and some of their bodymorphs. There is a conforming BulletBra/Pantie that will fit both the LongLegged character and V4/A4 Twelve materials for boots and Bra. Unfortunately (?) I've been up to my shader-tricks again and that means that the materials will not work so good in DAZ Studio. The following BodyMorphs are included: LongLegged, Bulk, Definition, Fitness, Thin, Voluptuous, Young, Aiko4, Aiko4 Petit, Aiko4 Realistic. There is also some of the most used misc morphs included. Usage tip 1: LongLegged's head is slightly larger than Victoria's, so you might have to scale hair up to around 107-108 percent to make it fit. Usage tip2: Make sure that you use the right pair of boots for LongLegged. There is one pair for V4 and one pair for LL. They will not fit directly after conforming but I have included pose that will slide them right into place... Special thanks to Martin Schwind for the 4.2 injections and for solving a strange problem that stopped this product from being released:)

Needed Files List and System Required:
Poser 6 or higher.PC or Machintosh. Victoria 4.1 with morphs ++. Materials will not work in Daz Studio



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 6
Other Notes
Daz Studio(Will not work in Daz)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Product Requirements

V4 Morphs ++

Babbelbub LongLegged Vicky

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By: babbelbub

Character and Clothes for Victoria 4



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