Triplonia Shaman And Swordmaiden Bundle For DS


Mediation was always a problem. Sometimes he just couldn't concentrate enough to clear his mind. Or maybe it was a guilty conscience. Who knew? Today the children were making a lot of noise and it was starting to irritate him. He didn't really like children. They were loud and boisterous and just didn't have the same awe and respect as the adults. Again he tried to relax and begin his meditation when his stomach growled. Where was that girl and his meal anyway? He gave up all pretense of mediation and began to reflect on how it was time to take another wife.

Triplonia Shaman for G2 and G3
Triplonia Sword Maiden for G3F

Triplonia Shaman And Swordmaiden Bundle For DS

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By: CGbytes

Triplonia Shaman for G2/G3 and Swordmaiden for G3F from Erogenesis' World of Sen



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