Porn Truck For DS Iray
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- 1 truck figure with multi parts, interior and fully rigged: wheels, exhaust valves, steering, left door open close, right door open close, fifth wheel (ERC's controls in "Poses controls" group)
- 1 trailer figure with interior and fully rigged: doors open close, left door open close, right door open close, crutch up down, wheels, trailer rotate (ERC's controls in "Poses controls" group)
- 1 truck+trailer set
- 1 trailers group (5)
- 5 Textures sets
NOTE: H. materials, change the textures of truck and trailer in one time. Works only on truck+trailer set and truck alone,
Don’t work in trailer alone. If you want use only the trailer alone, use the trailers group set and remove the trailers.
Each trailer has a different texture from the 5 textures provided.
Iray materials only, 3DeLight materials are not included.
Product located in: Props > PoxerX > PORNtruck



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.8
PoserNot Supported

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Porn Truck For DS Iray

SKU: 59138
By: powerage

Unique Porn Truck for DS Iray.


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