Triplonia Scout For V4 And Warrior For M4 Bundle


Long ago, on a planet called Triplon, was a girl called Sen. Born into a rudderless civilization akin to a primitive Bronze age society,  Sen feels out of place, and seeks to understand why the tribes of Triplonia have lost their direction, who the Asagar are, and where the evil Red-Eye comes from.

You don't want to meet her. It won't be a fair fight, and quite likely you will lose before you even know she is there.
She is stealth Personified.

To be a Warrior is a rite of passage for a select few. The strongest and bravest are selected to be Warriors. Those few are entrusted to keep the peace, protect and defend all threats to the clan.

Set Contains:
Triplonia Scout for V4
Triplonia Warrior for M4

Triplonia Scout For V4 And Warrior For M4 Bundle

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By: CGbytes

Triplonia Scout and Warrior for Poser and Gen 4 characters at a discounted price!



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