Triplonia Shaman And Swordmaiden Bundle Poser


The familiar ZING sound as the sword met whetstone soothed her. She mumbled her mantra, "This is my sword. It is mine. It is a part of me as my hand is part of my arm. My sword is my life. It will never fail me. Only I will fail it and when I fail my sword, I will forfeit my life as is the way it has been since the beginning. This is my sword. It is mine...." She didn't need to test this edge with her thumb. She knew by the change in the tone that it was razor sharp. It was a sound she knew as well as her heartbeat or her own voice.

Triplonia Shaman for M4
Triplonia Swordmaiden for V4

Triplonia Shaman And Swordmaiden Bundle Poser

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Triplonia Shaman and Sword Maiden for Poser/M4/V4 from Erogenesis' World of Sen



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