Dark Void ZX02 Suit For V4 And M4 Bundle


It was just for a moment, this risky chance of removing their helmets for a secret kiss, but as soon as the hissing sound from her helmet pressure vent died she saw him tense and that muscle in his jaw clench. Something was wrong, and it was just behind her. A  gnarling, jibbering sound from the darkness inside the outcropping was just as suddenly muted as both snapped their helmets back on and re-pressurized. This was going to be ugly.

Bundle contains:
DV ZX02 Suit for V4
DV ZX02 Suit for M4

Dark Void ZX02 Suit For V4 And M4 Bundle

SKU: 54844
By: CGbytes

ZX02 suits for V4 and M4 bundled at a discounted price



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