CffMstr's Doghouse
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The doghouse figures (properly scaled) will accommodate all normal human characters for Poser. It has been tested with Victoria 3. Human figures with "unnatural" measures may not fit properly. The pose has been tested for Victoria 3. It is highly recommended that the doghouse's shiny metal texture be changed while posing as it may appear too dark to work with in the preview panel. Once the figure is ready to render the texture can be re-applied. Features: - Poseable doghouse parts. - Working door with padlock. The door can be removed and used individually as well as the padlock. - State-of-the-art security system keeps your prisioner in their place. - The roof has a hidden storage compartment to keep your toy's toys. - Includes one basic V3 pose. Happy Rendering!

Poser 7



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 7+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Victoria 3

CffMstr's Doghouse

SKU: SKU29387
By: CffMstr

CffMstr's Doghouse


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