Golden Palace For Genesis 8 Female
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Golden Palace is a beautifully detailed and versatile female genitalia for G8F. It prides itself with a rigging designed to move all parts of the mesh, and a 90+ collection of custom sculpted morphs that allows even huge gapes.

The blend of powerful rigging and morphs allows endless possibilities, both in shaping a movement... you now really have the power to warm up the jewel box!



-Added morphs, FBM support, JCM and dialable presets:

Anus Gape_Out
Full Genitalia Preset
Gen Scale X,Y,Z
Hymen Smooth
Labia Close 1,2
Labia Minora_Puffy
Labium Minora Side-Side R,L
Vagina Gape_Out
Vagina Open_Bend Fix 1,2

-Updated Vagina_Open 2&3 morphs;
-Added 3 anus diameter texture presets;
-Added Shell Fix Tool;
-Updated Colorizing Script

12/2018 [Version v2]

-Added a separated surface for colouring the anus independently from the gen. All scripts and injectors updated for supporting it;

-Added a set of genitalia hairs with three texture options;

-Added some morphs:

Hymen_Pinch Move
Labia Minora_Inflate Front
Labia Minora_Length 1
Labia Minora_Length 2
Labia Minora_Length 3
Labia Minora_Length 4
Labia Minora_Length 5
Labia Minora_Length 6
Labia Majora_Front Fix
Clitoris Out 2
Clitoris Out 3

-Added some dialable morphs presets:

Full Genitalia Preset 2
Labia Minora_Preset 1
Labia Minora_Preset 2
Labia Minora_Preset 3
Labia Minora_Preset 4
Labia Minora_Preset 5
Labia Minora_Preset 6

-Added bone support for several characters:

Mika 8, Karyssa 8, Girl 8, Aiko 8, Latonya 8, Charlotte 8, Zelara 8, AC Lucy, Ktarya, CB Liliana, Uki, Trinity, SC Lauren, SC Chloe, Musoke, LY Pinkie, Kande

6/2019 [updates for version v2]
-Added selector scripts,

-Updated 'Material Copy' and colorizing scripts (you can now load them with G8F or any subnode of G8F selected),

-Added new fibermesh vertical shaved hair,

-Added bone support for several characters:Erevan Airy FBM, Victoria 7, Toon Girl, Body Size, Torso Length, Tasha 8, P3D Tilly, Michiko, Michiko Body Alt, Lavana, Hyuna, Eva 8, Bridget 8, BJ Miriam, Mackenzie, Nylyssa, Aurore Size

-Added morphs Vagina Open_Bend Fix Left/Right,

-Moved several morphs to the Pose tab, in order to allow them to be saved in hierarchical poses.

10/2021 [updates for version v2]
-Added support for Genesis 8.1 Female;
-Updated textures (edited anus color and general outline);
-Added rigidity maps and adjust rigging to shape script;
-Added morphs icons;
-Added support for many G8F/GF8.1 FBMs, including Aged Body.
-Added morphs:
Blow Up Anus
Blow Up Majora
Cameltoe 2
Cameltoe 2_Insert
Cameltoe 2_Smooth Back
Cameltoe 2_Wider
Urethra Wide Open 1-4
Urethra Wide Open_Clit Fix
Vagina Open Prolapse
Vagina Open Prolapse_More
Vagina_Open_Front Stretch
Vagina_Open_Side Stretch



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.9
PoserNot Supported

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8.1Genesis 8.1 Female
 Genesis 8Genesis 8 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 8 Female (

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Golden Palace For Genesis 8 Female

SKU: 57311
By: Meipe

Golden Palace is a beautifully detailed and versatile rigged female genitalia for G8F, including 90+ custom sculpted morphs that allow even huge gapes.



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