Stimuli's smackdown for M4 and weight mapped V4
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This energetic, looping 600 frame animated pose has weight mapped Victoria 4.2 working M4 hard through increasing tempo changes.

Why weight mapped V4 instead of normal V4? For one, its free and available here! More importantly, its an upgrade to V4 that any erotic Poser artist should already have as it fixes some glaring problems with the otherwise stellar V4 figure. Examples? It corrects V4's "tire butt" and oddly creasing crotch when she bends her legs allowing much more realistic erotic poses. It fixes the famous "shoulder issue". It does away with the horrible torso folding when V4 bends at the abdomen giving a much more natural bending stomach even at extreme values. It also adds helper bones to the breasts, arms, buttocks and thighs giving you more control over more body parts. Plus, it works on just about any V4.2 based figure including Aiko 4 figures and Girl 4 figures. Try it for yourself and get this animated pose to break her in!

Just make sure you have Poser 9 or higher.

Check my gallery here at Renderotica to see the full animation.



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 9

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Aiko 4
  The Girl 4
  Victoria 4

Stimuli's smackdown for M4 and weight mapped V4

SKU: SKU30788
By: Stimuli

WM V4 is layin' the smackdown on M4's lap!



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