Training Kit 02 "Back Binder And Collar Set" For Poser
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Product: Trainking Kit 2 "Back and Collar Binders"

Copyright (c) 2022 davo. All rights reserved. Not intended for redistribution.
Training Kit 2 features a unique Back Binder for the arms and Collar set with chains for cuffs and breasts!
System Requirements:
- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Poser 8+  
- DazStudio version is available (sold separately) with material/surface zone adjustments and poses for the Genesis 8 figures
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png and .jpg format.
Figure Library Descriptions:

Back Binder: This unique back binder binds your characters upper arms and wrists tightly.  It is fully poseable and has many size and shape morphs to do fine tuning for custom poses or characters. There are 2 upper arm cuffs with tapering morphs to fit the top and bottom arm shapes of your character, these cuffs have a central cross bar that has a chain mount on it. The cross is morph adjustable as well. The chain can be posed to meet the chain mount on the wrist cuff.
The wrist cuff has a poseable lock and 2 repositionable chain mounts in the even you would like to hook an addition chain to it.
There is a non-rendering "sphere" near the cuffs and cross bar, this is the figures "base" and is used to move the entire figure around but allows you to micro adjust the cross bars and cuffs separately.
Pose files are provided for the Back Binder and matching poses for V4. The poses will only affect your characters chest, collar, shoulders, forearm and hands. The abdomen, hips and legs will not be affected. This allows you to mix and match different Training Kits without throwing off leg poses.

Back Binder Combo: This is the same Back Binder as above, but with the addition of smart prop Padlock from the Props Library.

Note: V4.2++ with breast morphs is required for the Collar Set "FT" (front) poses that use breast/nipple morphs

Collar Set: This rigid collar has some front and back chain mounts that allow you to bind your characters arms behind their back and/or use to do some bondage on your characters breasts. The chain mounts are repositionable and both front and back chains are poseable. All chains are symmetrical mirroring if you want to only pose half your character, then mirror the results to the other side. Chains are hidden by default inside of V4's body before applying poses.
Default pose files are provided that will hide the front chains or back chains depending on your  preference. You will need to use these if you switch up the poses for the front and back.  Matching pose files for V4 are provided.

Note: Basic Scifi Cuffs for the wrists must be used in conjunction with the BK (back) poses. These are supplies as smart props for V4 and M4 and are located in the Davo / Basic Scifi Cuffs props library.
Props Libraries:

Davo / Basic Scifi Cuffs V4_M4: These are for V4 and M4 figures.

(same cuffs are available for Genesis 8 male and female in the DazStudio Version)

Note: These cuffs are used in conjunction with some of the V4 poses in this product.

These libraries contain smart prop cuffs to use in conjunction with the most of Davo's packages.  These smart props will automatically position and parent to your characters.

Davo / Training Kits / This folder contains a padlock and smart prop version of it for the Back Binder. The Padlock has some open/close morphs and dial spin morph.
You can parent this prop to any figure that needs a lock. A smart prop version is provided to automatically position and parent to the Back Binder Figure.
Pose Libraries:

Note: Poses will get your default character "close" to positioning, you may have to make some minor adjustments if your character is heavily morphed or scaled.

Back Binder:
Note: Poses for the Back Binder will only affect the chest to the fingers, no abdoment, hip or leg/feet poses will be affected.
Back Binder poses come a close to body pose (pose 1) and one with arms bent out further (pose 2) This second pose allows you to bend your characters abdomen and chest back further for very extreme bend poses.

Collar Set: Default poses are provided to hide the front or back chains and a show all chains default is also provided. You can use the defaults to hide one or the other set of chains as needed.
A more detailed readme file is included in the product zip file



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 8
Other Notes
(DazStudio only version is sold separately)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4
Other Notes
(Genesis support is available in DS version)

Product Requirements

V4 Morphs ++

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Victoria 4 (

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