Motivator For Exercise Bike
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Product Description:
Motivator is for Poser and is a rigged and weight mapped strap-on penis for the Exercise Bike (sold separately).
You simply conform it to the Exercise Bike and it snaps to the Exercise Bike seat.
This product also includes 12 V4 poses and 3 V4 expressions.
Textures size: 2048x2048
Needed Files:
You will need the Exercise Bike for this product
Installation Instructions:
Extract the zip file to your Poser directory.
Usage Tips/Limitations
If you want to move the Exercise Bike (sold separately), make sure to parent V4 to the bike before moving it.
That way the poses added to V4 will follow the bike positions.
Expressions also in Pose folder for easy access.
Complete list of morphs:
No morphs in this product.
Files List:
\Geometries\Solid\Exercise Bike\
\Libraries\Character\Solid\Exercise Bike\
Expression 01.fcz
Expression 01.png
Expression 02.fcz
Expression 02.png
Expression 03.fcz
Expression 03.png
Expression 01.fcz
Expression 01.png
Expression 02.fcz
Expression 02.png
Expression 03.fcz
Expression 03.png
Motivator 01.p2z
Motivator 01.png
Motivator 02.p2z
Motivator 02.png
Motivator 03.p2z
Motivator 03.png
Motivator 04.p2z
Motivator 04.png
Motivator 05.p2z
Motivator 05.png
Motivator 06.p2z
Motivator 06.png
Motivator 07.p2z
Motivator 07.png
Motivator 08.p2z
Motivator 08.png
Motivator 09.p2z
Motivator 09.png
Motivator 10.p2z
Motivator 10.png
Motivator 11.p2z
Motivator 11.png
Motivator 12.p2z
Motivator 12.png
\Textures\Solid\Exercise Bike\



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
 Not Tested
PoserPoser 9

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Product Requirements

V4 Morphs ++(For Expressions)

Required Products

Exercise Bike

Required 3rd Party Products
Victoria 4 (

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Motivator For Exercise Bike

SKU: 58522
By: Solid

A dildo strap-on for the Exercise Bike + poses.



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