Facility 1 Core Package Poser
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Facility 1 Core Package

Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama

Facility 1 Core Pack is a modern facility style interior set with holding cells, restraint devices
and more. Pose files for V4 (Genesis 3 Female in Daz Studio Version sold separate) are provided.
System Requirements:

- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Poser 8+  
- DazStudio version (sold Separate) is available with material/surface zone adjustments and poses for the Genesis 3 Female Figure
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png and .jpg format.
Figure Library Features:
Facility Library:

(note: The facility library has a shadow and no-shadow library. The no shadow library has shadow casting ability turned off for all the parts/elements so that light can pass through them. This is helpful for users who have limited lighting skills)

- Camera 1 and 2: These are wall or ceiling mounted reflective bubble style globes with camera behind them, you can place them anywhere you wish.
- Connector Hall: This is a hallway segment that you can use to combine two Facility room figures together. The connector hall has a roll up door. Each wall segment of the Facility has a morph to hide the lower half of the wall. Place the connector hall between two wall segments.
- Elevator: The elevator figure is a replacement wall section with working outer doors and a fenced elevator cab. The cab has a re-position able control panel and ambient lit light figure in the ceiling. The cab can be moved up and down. The elevator figure can be used in place of any of the wall segments on the Facility building. Simple move the facility building wall segment down out of view and position the elevator in it’s place between the wall columns.
- Facility: The facility building has multiple front, back, right and left wall segments. The columns between walls and wall segments can be moved out of view for better camera views. The ceiling has multiple lights that can be re-positioned if wanted. You can connect several of these building figures together with a connector hallway which is provided. Each wall segment has a morph to hide the lower half to accommodate the connector hall figure. The floor of the building has a morph to hide the front half or back half of the floor to accommodate the cell 1 figure floor and cell 3 floors.
- Girder: This is a floor to ceiling girder with width and height morphs. Use to add interest to you scene.
- HVAC: This is a large ceiling mounted HVAC unit with 4 repositionable ducts. The control panel on the unit can be repositioned as desired.
- HVAC Duct: This is a stand alone duct shaft that you can mount on the ceiling or walls to add interest. It has a length morph.
- Shelf: This is a large storage shelf. It has width and height morphs as well as a center shelf movement morph. Use as many as you wish.
- Stairs: This is a room access figure with a set of stairs, central column and door at the top. You can add as many of these to your scene as you want to add interest.

Assembly Libraries: There are some pre-assembled rooms that you can use as a starting point for your scenes. Most items are parented to the floor part of the facility building figure. These assemblies come in shadow and non-shadow casting versions.
Cages Library:

- Cage 1: This is a large cage that can hold several people. There is a posable padlock included in the set that can be used to lock the cage. All the walls on the cage can be hidden for better camera views.
- Cage 2: This is a human sized cage with posable doors and lock bar. The cage, doors and lock bar have height, width or length morphs. The padlock
can be used with this cage as well. If you use width morphs, you might have to adjust the center of rotation for the doors if you do animations or poses with the doors open. Pose files for V4, cage and padlock are included.
- Padlock: This is a posable padlock that you can use with different figures that have lock links or bars. The lock bar is posable.
Cells Library:

- Cell 1: This figure has a recessed staircase and 3 individual cell rooms with posable doors at the bottom. The floor size will fit exactly one half of the facility building floor size. The facility building floor has a morph that will hide the front or back end of the building so you can place the cell floor into the scene. The tops of the cells have Plexiglas viewing or bars, you can move either out of the scene depending on your needs.
- Cell 2: This is a standing room only cell block with 2 standing only cells. The door frames on the doors have a choice of solid door cover or bars, there is a hide morph for the cover or bars that will scale the cover or bars small and into the lock pad. There is a cell depth morph to squeeze your characters
even more.  Pose files for the cell and v4 are provided.
- Cell 3 Floor: This is a floor that is exactly half the size of the facility room floor. The facility building floor has a morph that will hide the front or
back end of the building so you can place the cell 3 floor into the scene. The cell 3 floor has up to eight openings that can be moved out of the way to accommodate up to eight of the Cell 3 hatch figures. See promo images at the website for examples.
- Cell 3 Hatch: This is a below floor isolation cell figure with a hatch lid and lid cover for viewing what's inside. There is a foot petal/button control panel on the side of the hatch base. The tube inside the hatch has a pad that moves up and down to lower your figure in and out.  Use up to eight of these hatches with
the cell 3 floor figure.
Fuck Machine Library:

- Fmachine 1: This is a stand alone fuck machine with two dildo heads. The dildo heads have displacement mapping to add a bump texture. The dildo heads also have bending morphs, ribbing morphs, length and diameter morphs. Dildo head 2 and it's connector can be moved out of the view and have size morphs to hide them. The shaft of the machine has a length morph and the pad on the bottom of the machine has a depth morph and bracket length morph. This makes it able to be mounted to some of the equipment in this package. Some pose files are provided for the fuck machine for use with some of the equipment in the package.
- Fmachine 2: This is a stand alone fuck machine that is short and meant to be sitting on the floor. Dildo head has morphs and shaft has length morph. Pose files for the fuck machine is provided with some of the equipment poses.
- Fmachine Adapter: This is a small posable adapter to use as a mount for the fuck machine 1 figure. Its central arm has a length morph. You can use the adapter to mount the fuck machine to another piece of equipment in the package. Some pose files for the adapter are provided for use with some of the equipment.
- Fmachine Base: This is a large fuck machine base mount that can be used to mount fuck machine 1 to. Parent the fmachine to the pad/connector on the base.
Holders Library: (these figures make use of the provided smart prop cuffs/neck cuff)

- Holder 1: This is a vertical rack style figure with hydraulic lift action. There are arm and leg bars (with length morphs) arm and leg chains with chain bases, a pump handle with diameter/length morph. The bases for the arms can move up and down, arms are posable.  The top and bottom half of the holder have length morphs to add or remove height. Pose files for V4 and matching poses for the equipment is provided.
- Holder 2: This is a unique restraint device meant to use in conjunction with the fmachine 1 figure. The arm and leg bars/beams are posable and have eye hooks with length morphs to fit the smart prop cuffs provided in the package. You can tilt the beam as desired for this figure. This figure is symmetrical mirroring for fast posing. Pose files for V4 and matching poses for the equipment and fuck machine is provided.
Tables Library: (these figures make use of the provided smart prop cuffs/neck cuff)

- Table 1: This is a unique spread eagle style table with 4 posable arms, tilting bed and height adjustable base. The base has height and diameter morphs, the arms have length morphs. The arms also have a sliding cuff mount system. This figure is symmetrical mirroring for fast posing.  Pose files for V4 and matching poses for the equipment is provided.

Transport Library: (these figures make use of the provided smart prop cuffs/neck cuff)

- Hanger 1: This is vertical character holder with 2 neck chains, position able dildo (with feature morphs), adjustable leg holder and harm holders with eye hooks. You can use this hanger to affix a character and haul them around with the provided trolley figure. Pose files for V4 and matching poses for the equipment is provided.
- Hanger 2: This is a simple metal beam with 4 re-position able eye hooks to hold your characters on the trolley figure. The eye hooks have length morphs are symmetrical mirroring for fast posing. Pose files for V4 and matching poses for the equipment is provided.
- Hanger 3: This is a rigid body frame with wrist, ankle and neck cuff eye hooks. Hooks are re-position able and have length morphs. This figure is also symmetrical mirroring. This hanger can be hung on the Trolley figure. Pose files for V4 and matching poses for the equipment is provided.
- Trolley: This is a push cart with three posable wheels, adjustable push handle and 4 hanger clamps with hooks. The clamps/hooks are re-position able. The trolley has length, height, width and top beam morphs for adjustments. You can carry up to 4 holders or a cage with this figure.

Props Libraries:

Cuffs Library:

V4_M4: These are for V4 and M4 figures.
These libraries contain smart prop cuffs to use in conjunction with the most of Davo's packages.  These smart props will automatically position and parent to your characters.

Pose Libraries:
The pose libraries contain poses for the different tables and restraints in this package.  There are V4 poses and matching poses for the equipment they are related to. 
A more detailed readme files is included with the package.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 8
Other Notes
(Daz Studio 4.8+ version sold seperately)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4
Other Notes
(Genesis 3 male and female compatible files in Daz Studio 4.8+ version sold seperately)

Product Requirements

V4 Morphs ++
Other Notes
(Pose files for V4.2++ are in this package.)

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Facility 1 Core Package Poser

SKU: 55743
By: Davo

Nobody really knows what goes on here, but we're assured it's legal. The Facility 1 Core Package features an interior holding facility complex with isolation cells, connector halls, stairs, industrial sized elevator and of course, restraints and equipment.



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