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It never has been easier and sexier to restrain your slaves.
Access all areas quickly for naughty punishment.
You get:
- Horse Bank Figure
- Chest Straps, Thigh Straps, Shin Straps Props (parented to the Horse Bank Figure)
- 4 Poses for V4 & Horse Bank
Chest Straps:
ChestStrap2 Left Out, ChestStrap2 Right Out
ChestStrap2 Raise Right, ChestStrap2 Raise Left
ChestStrap2 Raise Center
ChestStrap1 Left Out, ChestStrap1 Right Out
ChestStrap1 Raise Right, ChestStrap1 Raise Left
ChestStrap1 Raise Center
Thigh Straps:
ThighStraps RaiseCenter, ThighStraps RaiseCenterRight, ThighStraps RaiseCenterLeft
ThighStraps InSideOut, ThighStraps InSideOutRight, ThighStraps InSideOutLeft
ThighStraps OutSideOut, ThighStraps OutSideOutRight, ThighStraps OutSideOutLeft
Shin Straps:
ShinStraps1 RaiseCenter, ShinStraps1 RaiseCenterRight, ShinStraps1 RaiseCenterLeft
ShinStraps1 InSideOut, ShinStraps1 InSideOutLeft, ShinStraps1 InSideOutRight
ShinStraps1 OutSideOut, ShinStraps1 OutSideOutRight, ShinStraps1 OutSideOutLeft
ShinStraps2 RaiseCenter, ShinStraps2 RaiseCenterRight, ShinStraps2 RaiseCenterLeft
ShinStraps2 OutSideOut, ShinStraps2 OutSideOutLeft, ShinStraps2 OutSideOutRight
ShinStraps2 InSideOut, ShinStraps2 InSideOutRight, ShinStraps2 InSideOutLeft
You need:
Victoria 4
Poser 6 and up
Not tested in or recommended for DAZ Studio

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 6

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4


SKU: 48498
By: SynfulMindz

It never has been easier and sexier to restrain your slaves. Access all areas quickly for naughty punishment.


50% off until 6/30/2024


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