Davo's Facade Set #6 Red Light District!


Davo presents: Facade Pack #6 "Red Light District"

Looking for some action and adventure in the seedy side of town? The "Red Light District" has all your needs covered. This is the 6th installment of the Facades Street Level Exterior packs created by Davo. This package features some very nice building exteriors and props that let your wild women and men show off their goods and get down to dirty business. Combined with the other Facade packages available from Davo at Daz3d and Powerfusion3d, this package will round out your collection of sci-fi themed building sets.
The Facade Pack 6 "Red Light District" features:

- (1) unique facade building front with posable entry and dancing/display booth window.
- (2) new large display signs (adult graphic provided by MimeFromHell)
- (2) New street lamps.
- (1) Catwalk/showoff platform for street walkers
- (1) Wall mounted dance tube with clear bottom and walls.
- (1) "Love Shack" sex booth that mounts on a wall. Also has a set of stairs. Walls, ceiling, floor can be turned off. Interior of booth has a matress pad with neon trim. Also has a posable door.
- (1) Personal hygiene vending machine that mounts on a wall. Keep your ..."hands".. clean...
- (1) Generic large facade wall that can be used to add elements to.
- (1) Generic divider column.
- (3) Corner modules to allow exterior facades to turn an inside or outside corner.
- (1) Ground plane prop with asphalt texture.
- (2) Pre-assembled generic wall exteriors with catwalk and love shack.
- (1) Pre-assembled alcove style street scene that can be added to other Facade package pre-assemblies.
- High resolution textures with worn metal texture theme.
- Descriptive readme file.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description:Poser 5, 6 and 7 compatible library files in obj, cr2, png and jpg format. Files are zipped into a zip file, extractable with winzip or other zip extraction utility.

This is a stand alone product that can be added to other Facades packages by Davo

Thank you for buying this product from my store.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 5
Other Notes
(Need Mac Converter)
Daz Studio(Should work on Daz with material adjustments)

Davo's Facade Set #6 Red Light District!

SKU: SKU2267
By: Davo

Davo's Facade Set #6 Red Light District!



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