Richabri's V4 Ponygirl Outfit
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Ideal for many different types of renders the V4 Ponygirl Outfit will give
your V4 character some real attitude! Plenty of sizing morphs (FBMs) will enable
this outfit to fit most any V4 character.

The V4 Ponygirl Outfit also comes with a pose file to hide your character's feet
to work with the Pony Boots and an Open Mouth face pose file to open her mouth
to work with the Mouthpiece prop.

The V4 Ponygirl Outfit includes the following clothing figures and smartprops:

Clothing Figures (CR2):

Pony Armbands
Pony Armguards
Pony Boots
Pony Harness
Pony Headgear

Smartprops (PP2):

Bell Left
Bell Right

Everything comes as conforming clothing figures and smartprops that can be loaded
from the Library palette menu under your Figures and Props sections.

The V4 Ponygirl Outfit also comes with all the texture templates to allow
you to give the outfit a custom look of your own design.

You will need Poser 5+ or Daz Studio and Victoria 4.2 from Daz to use this outfit.



Application Compatibility

Daz Studio(Version not specified)
PoserPoser 5

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Richabri's V4 Ponygirl Outfit

SKU: SKU29951
By: Richabri

The V4 Ponygirl Outfit is a sexy ensemble of five clothing figures (CR2) including Pony Boots and five Smartprop accessory items that will dress your Vicky 4 in a very naughty and complete Ponygirl outfit.



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