Darkseal's Tig Ol Bitties


Please read the readme file for Usage Tips for easy material matching and render tips.

There are 3 Morphs that do pull away some of the edges of the Tig Ol Bittes from the body, and while the effects can be minimized by simply moving the figure in the Z access a slight amount, I have separated them from the rest and put them in a "Known Edge Issues" section of the figure. The reason for including them and not deleting them all together?? They look fucking fabulous! That's why! Look below for a full list of Morphs...

List of Morphs

Body Fits
A4 Fit
Heavy Fit
Petite Fit
Realistic Fit
She Freak 4_1 Fit
Stylized Fit
The Girl 4 Fit
Thin Fit
Young Fit

Puffy Areola
Big Nipple
Small Nipple
Define Edge
Push Up
Nipples Outside
Reduce Areola
Top Wrinkles
G Natural
Squish Together

Known Edge Issues

Created for V4. Poser 6+ version AND Poser 9 version INCLUDED!



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 6

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Darkseal's Tig Ol Bitties

SKU: SKU29774
By: Darkseal

Are you sick of HUGE Injection files Bloating your figure to over 100MB, slowing your scene to a crawl, when all you want is Massive Tits that jiggle and bounce??! Have no Fear! Tig Ol Bitties are here! Get Big Ol Titties that have been hand crafted from a new space age polymer, that has been used



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