BarbarianBabes' Catfight University Set 2
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Welcome back to CFU! Our main event tonight is the topless vs. bottomless "Freshman Fracas" featuring the lovely Candice against Mindi. These fiesty coeds may be young but that makes them all the more hungry to prove themselves on campus! CFU Set II features 20 all new dirty catfight poses, along with 10 cameras to capture the action just right, in addition the lovely characters Mindi and Candice are included with their own INJ/REM Poses! To get that "sexy freshman" look as in the ad renders we recommend using the Girl4 head morph and setting it to 0.250 value. Catfight University is bursting with sultry brawling babes, and the Freshman Fracas is one of their hot traditions; so until next time enjoy the latest chapter and watch these girls go at it- topless vs. bottomless!



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 6

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4The Girl 4
  Victoria 4

BarbarianBabes' Catfight University Set 2

SKU: SKU29736
By: Barbarianbabes Legacy

Welcome back to CFU! This pack features 20 dirty sexy catfight poses, 10 cameras, and two full body morph INJs to bring these hot freshman coeds to life!



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