Crom131's Dr Soles Sexy Foot Morphs Vol.1
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Upon study of the types of feet that the female of our species have, I have placed the ones that i feel are right for this first vol line of sexy foot and toe morphs, Six morph injections, Six rem injections of feet that will make your female renders dull feet have the appeal that a sexy female foot should have. In this package I have placed a foot for each type of female type within this first package, AM feet your average normal woman around the house foot, Celeb Feet modeled after two famous celeb feet that are well known, Dainty Feet your small lovely shorter female foot, Dom Feet that foot that needs to place someone down before them , Foo Feet an Afro- Asiatic foot morph, and the last is called Sweet Feet your normal but Supple Smooth feet that makes your females look just right. *V4,A4 morphs+++ not required



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Aiko 4
  Victoria 4

Crom131's Dr Soles Sexy Foot Morphs Vol.1

SKU: SKU29608
By: Crom131

Sexy feet For V4 and A4 , hand crafted in Zbrush Crom131_Dr Soles sexy Foot morphs Vol. 1 are here for all your Fetish needs


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