Crom131's SOGS
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Finding a good balance in the look I said to myself, as Humans encountering aliens would not know if they could talk or just mind link right into our brains.
I said to myself if they were to interact with humans they would want something of ours, which helped me to develop SOGS: Symbiotic Organisms of Galactic Space.       
Feeding on energy in general, their favorite is human Kinetic energy created during physical Activity, and a love for interacting unseen in human affairs.  
This lost race is the offspring of an alien extra-Dimensional entity known as Lam known only to one human ever in our Earth's history, a self proclaimed  
magi known  as Aleister Crowley of the late 1940's.
Breaking out Zbrush at first I just made the heads smartprops with the detail that i could not get in a poser morph figure head i said to myself, i would notuse head morphs upon These first two head props they would not be for talking aliens, SOGS aliens would not talk just react.
In using one Z-Sphere in Zbrush, out came Eight Grand Smartprops, but then i added The base morphs and some deep thought to both male SOGS head and female SOGS head after  turning them into figures so the SOGS could show face animations in reaction from the turn of a dial, and I left the smartprop ones for you to add to any other poser animal or Third party figure.  
SOGS and SOGS figure heads both have Extra-Dimensional Energy head and body mat pose inj, Two Brain Props For E SOGS Translucent figure heads when E head mats are applied as well, as for tail ,you get tail pose fix  (E* Gen mat )(E* stands For Extra-Dimensional Energy), SOGSa and SOGS body base mat poses and the E-mats body and head mats all use posers built in shaders so you will not need Jpeg Textures  in making the figures and props textures it’s all built in, and that gives performance in poser systems a boost, SOGS texture shaders for Translucent mats  were made within Poser Pro 8 but poser users 5,6 and up should not have a problem since the heads are figures you will be able to use SOGS  within Poser-Pro 2012 and upon any new figure to come, one light set found in lights called SOGS Figure Light to get the shine in SOGS base look.



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 8

Crom131's SOGS

SKU: SKU29645
By: Crom131

Being a lover of strange and alien things and all things Extra-Dimensional, I wanted to make an alien race that would last and grow as a mythos.



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