Crom131's Jadu Kar Hell's Judge
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 The Titans committed treason by waging war against the gods, while Nimrod committed treason against God by building the Tower of Babel (he now speaks a language that none can understand. �A One of a Kind Devil Alien Cosmic Surrealism Figure Hell's Judge." Crom131 Jadu Kar Info: Crom131 Jadu Kar has been made for use with Any alien settings Be it Otherworldly, extra dimensional, netherworld or mutation the Jadu Kar have been the Adversaries of the SOGs and are known to be explorers of Time and space as well as the inter-dimensional realities within it, their World looks like something out of Dante's Infernos 8th Canto (Pit) a version of their world is within each and every and every reality of all of the known Cosmoverse, they Live within the Cracks within their world space, within giant shiny black spore like spheres each cell its own reality, they are forever watching and waiting for an open Gateway into our time and space it is Known that the Jadu Kar have been visiting Earth for thousands of years Guiding early human civilizations to act out their most evil thoughts. �A One of a Kind Devil Alien Cosmic Surrealism Figure Hell's Judge."

Important compatibility statement: Poser 4 and Up and has been tested in Poser 2012 This product is meant to be used with M4 Base Figure for Michael 4 & V4 Base Figure for Victoria 4, But can be used with any figure that has size and proportion value similar to M4 & V4 adjustments in Z translation dial.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4

Crom131's Jadu Kar Hell's Judge

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By: Crom131

JaDu Kar : Ja: n., pl., judge advocates. (Abbr. JA) Du :n., pl., du means two more than one Kar:Ad "Support giving" or "Assist" Roughly Translated as {Hell Judge} [1] The Sealed Essence of Hell's prayer [2] A Geryon Devil legion of hell of Malebolge The eighth circle of Hell who


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