Crom131's Flayers


 Finding a good balance in the look I said to myself we as Humans encountering aliens would not know if they could talk or just mind link right into our brains.
Again I said to myself if they were to interact with humans they would want something of ours, and that something helped me to visualize and create Flayers. That is what we as humans would call them, with their large appetite for mind energy. Their favorite is human suffering and pain; they love pain activity and interacting in human affairs in order to conquer and make the entire human race their Slaves. It is said the Flayers believe themselves to be the dominant species of the multiverse and use other intelligent creatures as thralls, slaves, and chattel. No other race is safe when they make their presence known.
Crom131 Flayers has been made in Zbrush with care to use with any alien settings be it Otherworldly, extra dimensional, netherworld or mutation. Flayers come with two head figure Props for V4 and M4 found in your Figures library. Load and Parent to Default M4 or V4 head, add body injection mat. A gen Fix and gen mat for M4 gen's is included to have your very own Flayer. Also included is a Flayer figure gen that is nicely built to fit m4. This custom add-on tentacle gen For M4 Flayer has built in posing dials and 6 custom pose injects. Flayer Mat Shader files can be found in crom131_flayers folder of your Material Room for Skin & Bone/nail. Additionally, you can add the skin mat to any female Gen.
Important compatibility statement: Poser 4 and Up and has been tested in Poser 2012. This product is meant to be used with M4 Base Figure for Michael 4 & V4 Base Figure for Victoria 4, But can be used with any figure that has size and proportion value similar to M4 & V4 adjustments in Z translation dial.



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4

Crom131's Flayers

SKU: SKU29903
By: Crom131

Being a lover of strange and alien things and all things Extra-Dimensional, I wanted to make another alien race that would last and grow as a mythos.


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