Milking Machine for G3F & G8F
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- 1 Pose for G8F
- 1 Pose for G3F
- 1 Complete scene with G8F
- 1 Complete scene with G3F
- 1 Breast pump zero
- 1 Breast pump Left breast (work with G3F and G8F)
- 1 Breast pump Right breast (work with G3F and G8F)
- 1 Milk bottle prop
- 1 Milk can prop
- 1 Milk drop smart prop (with pumps)
- 1 Milk splash smart prop (with machine)
- 1 Milking machine
- 1 Palette prop
- 1 Pallet set (with cans)
- 1 Shelf prop
- 1 Shelf set (with bottles)
The product is located in: Props/PowerX/Milking Machine


- For quick use and see all the elements in situation, 2 scenes are provided. A scene with G3F and a scene with G8F.
- About breast pumps: Three pumps are provided, a "zero" (positioned in the center of the scene), it can be useful to arrange it on a shelf for example.
  One pump for the right breast and one for the left breast, before loading these pumps in your scene, make sure to select G3F or G8F (both pumps are compatible for G3F and G8F).
  The pumps have ERC's controls (Pump Controls in the parameters tab). Dug scale: enlarged the tip, Longer: lengthens the tube, Milk Turbulence: an effect of milk movements in the bottle, Milk level: adjusts the milk level of the milk bottle, Super bend: rotation bend, Super side side: rotation of the tube on the sides.
  IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use breasts morphs for Genesis, you will need to manually adjust the position of the pumps. The pumps are "children" of each breast. The big breast morphs visible on the promos are not included. If you need it, take a look at our products for G3F and G8F available in our Renderotica shop:
- About Milking Machine: 5 movements provided, the dials movement are located in "Milking machine Controls of the parameters tab. Arm up down, Milk flow out, Milk level, Stopcock turn, Open Stopcock.
- About Milk drop and splash: Before loading the prop "Milk drop", select the pump to which you wish the drop applies. It will then position directly at the end of the tube and follow the movements of the tube.
  "Milk drop2" is parented to the Milking machine, select milking machine before load the Milk drop2.
- Props zero: Pallet, shelf, bottle, milk can. Placed at the center of the scene.
- Props set: Shelf set: shelf + a lot of bottles, pallet set: pallet + milk cans.

Workflow starting with nothing:

1/ Load G3F or G8F
2/ Load the Milking machine
3/ Apply the pose (for G3F or G8F) to your character
4/ In your hierarchy scene: select your character and parent to the arm of the milking machine. Now, when you move the arm of the machine (arm up down dial), the character follows.
5/ Select the character and load the breasts pumps (left and right)
6/ Select one pump and load the mil drop, select other pump and load other milk drop.
7/ Select the Milking machine and load the milk drop 2 prop
8/ Place in your scene the props of your choice: milk bottles, shelves, pallets, etc ...



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 3Genesis 3 Female
 Genesis 8Genesis 8 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 8 Female (

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Milking Machine for G3F & G8F

SKU: 59956
By: powerage

Complete milking machine set for G3F & G8F.


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