Hard for LubeTube
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Hard for Darkseal's LubeTube

Does your LubeTube look too 'medicinal' or 'Romantic'?
Why not inject some slick, oily fun into your hard dungeon games?

19 tough looking labels for your tough characters:

7 Greases:
Ass Grease: Sure, we all like hard bum-action, but we still have to make entry.
Cock Grease: Of course, we all like our pussies pounded, but the python has to gain entry first.
Cunt Grease: How big is that thing?!?! Lube me up first.
Fist Grease: Don't make your sissy boy cry too much, grease your fist before you enter the black hole.
Sex Grease: Super hard, Super fast, Super slick.
Strapon Grease: Is your boy whining as you take him from behind? Go deep and show him who's boss.
Tit Grease: Slide your python between her greasy breasts. You guys like that, right?

7 Oils:
Ass Oil: Stretch it open, and pour it in. Pound away all night.
Cock Oil: Oil up his python, and give him a slick blowjob or handjob that he'll never forget.
Cunt Oil: Stretch her open, and pour it in. Who knows what you can fit in that oily cavity?
Fist Oil: Slick that fist, and you can put it anywhere.
Sex Oil: Good old fashioned sloppy wet hard sex.
Strapon Oil: Want to deep throat your boy or girl with a sloppy strapon? Here's the answer.
Tit Oil: Oil up those breasts for a shiny sight to behold.

5 Heat tortures:
Ass Burn: What to make your boy's ass burn as you ride him with a strapon?
Cock Burn: Make him feel as sore as you by rubbing this on his python.
Cunt Burn: Does your girl need to be taught a lesson? Make her burn with please and pain.
Mouth Burn: Has your sub mouthed off too often? Make them go down on your strapon with this fire lube.
Nipple Burn: Your sub can spend a few hours screaming as their nipples burn, all the more fun as you attend to their other areas.

Bonus: Color caps for your LubeTube

Required Products:
Darkseal's LubeTube

Programs Required: Poser 8+
Daz Studio 4.7+
Models Required: DarkSeal's LubeTube
Any addons required to use: DarkSeal's LubeTube



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.7
PoserPoser 8

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(DarkSeal's LT Prop)

Required Products

Darkseal's LubeTube

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Darkseal's LubeTube

Hard for LubeTube

SKU: 49354
By: Floor13

19 Hard and Functional lubricants and liquids for Darkseal's LubeTube



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