Romance for LubeTube
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Romance for Darkseal's LubeTube

Does your LubeTube look too 'medicinal' or 'Hard'?
Why not inject some romance into your lubrication, and some lubrication into your romance?

10 colorful and romantic flavors and labels to brighten up your lovemaking:

Anal Silk: Make your bum-fun soft and smooth.
Blueberry Balls: Lube him up, and lick him all over.
Boob Lube: Make you boobs taste of cherry, and oily to the touch.
Cherry Lips: Whichever lips you want to kiss, ensure that they taste of sweet cherry.
Chocolate Desire: Who doesn't love the taste of chocolate? Ideal for risqué bum-fun games.
Passionfruit Pussy: Bring out the passion of your intimate area. (I'm talking about your vagina).
Pineapple Pussy: Erm, make your vagina taste of pineapple? Everyone loves pineapple, right?
Strawberry Kiss: Sweet and sharp, and smelling divine... Just like me.
Super Hot Chilli Sauce: Not for timid... Set those tender zones on fire.
Watermelon Heaven: Juicy and wet. What more do you need in a lube?

Bonus: Color caps for your LubeTube

Required Products:
Darkseal's LubeTube

Programs Required: Poser 8+
Daz Studio 4.7+
Models Required: DarkSeal's LubeTube
Any addons required to use: DarkSeal's LubeTube



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.7
PoserPoser 8

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(DarkSeal's LT)

Required Products

Darkseal's LubeTube

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Darkseal's LubeTube

Romance for LubeTube

SKU: 49353
By: Floor13

10 Fruity and romantic flavors for Darkseal's LubeTube



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