New Gens For Victoria 7
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Updated on 06/22/2017:

Added an update package called ''. This update pacakge requires the new version of NGV7 that is compatible with DAZ Studio After installing this update, users can apply NGV7 to G8F or compatible figures with 'New Genitalia For Victoria 7 - for G8F.dsa'.

Please note that in this case, NGV7's thigh bending correction morphs will no longer work.

Updated on 04/23/2017:

Added an update package called ''. This package contains a new morph called 'GensPosition'. This morph can be used to adjust the gens position so that it can be seen from the front of the female.

Updated on 02/15/2017:

1. Added an update package called ''. This package contains new shaping and movement morphs.
AnusPosition: This morph can be used to adjust the distance between the anus and vagina.
GlansClitorisSize1: A new morph that is used to adjust the size of the clitoris.
PBMGensTopClose: This morph can help you make the perfect Camel Toe.
RemoveHymenResidues: This morph will change the appearance of the vaginal opening.
060 - GlansClitorisUpDown, 061 - GlansClitorisUp, 062 - GlansClitorisDown: These morphs can be used to control the clitoris move up and down when GlansClitorisSize1 is set to 100%.
063 - GlansClitorisLeftRight, 064 - GlansClitorisLeft, 065 - GlansClitorisRight: These morphs can be used to control the clitoris move left and right when GlansClitorisSize1 is set to 100%.

2. Added a complete installation package for the new version of NGV7 that is compatible with DAZ Studio
If you have upgraded your DAZ Studio to, you will find that the thigh bending correction morphs of NGV7 can not work properly. So I made a new version of NGV7 to fix this problem. The new version of NGV7 is only compatible with DAZ Studio If your DAZ Studio version is, please delete the old version of NGV7, and then download and install this package. This installation package contains a complete NGV7 with the latest morphs and scripts, but it does not contain the files that can be used to support other characters except G3F, Victoria 7 and Eva 7. If you have purchased the update of a character, please go to its download page to download and install the new files corresponding to DAZ Studio


New Genitalia For Victoria 7 is not a simple upgrade of V6 version. Compared to the latter, it has been completely recreated. It uses more polygons to present the details of female vulva, and comes with some accurate inner structures such as vagina, uterus and rectum.

The new gens for V7 is divided into multiple material zones, to correspond to different parts of the genitalia. These material zones can be set individually according to the characteristics of the corresponding parts.

In terms of textures, V7 version will no longer provide separate maps for each character, instead it provides corresponding texture templates for each UV. When user starts the new gens for V7, it will automatically match the character's UV, and then automatically use corresponding templates and character skin textures to generate required textures.

In addition to the diffuse, bump and specular maps, the texture templates of new gens for V7 also include normal and displacement maps. These two maps can help user present more factual details of the labia minora(See example images).

Program Requirements and Compatibility:
Daz Studio 4.8+ (not compatible with versions lower than 4.8 at this time)
Genesis 3 Female, Victoria 7, Eva 7
Note: This props uses DAZ script, so currently it can not be used in the Poser.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.8
PoserNot Supported

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 3Genesis 3 Female

New Gens For Victoria 7

SKU: 50961
By: 3feetwolf_Legacy

New Genitalia For Victoria 7 is a geo-grafted genitalia prop. It can be applied to Victoria 7 or Genesis 3 Female, or any other compatible figure, as long as her UV is supported.



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