G9 Male Genitalia
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SLEDGEHAMMER'S  G9 Male Anatomical Element

SledgeHammer proudly brings you a Male Anatomical Element figure for Genesis9 Male. Finally a proper Male Anatomical Element figure for your Genesis9 Female and Male, Geo-Grafted figure for perfect blending to your G9 females/males, fluid geometry added, figure weight mapped and anatomical parts rigged for better posing, also with lots of morphs and tuned features.
You'll need:
Genesis 9 Starter Essentials (FREE)
Michael 9 (OPTIONAL for Bonus Poses)
or (https://www.daz3d.com/michael-9-hd-intro-bundle)
HH Demon for Genesis 9(OPTIONAL for Bonus Poses)

Victoria 9 (OPTIONAL for Bonus Poses)
or (https://www.daz3d.com/victoria-9-hd-intro-bundle)

G9 Female Gen (OPTIONAL for Bonus Poses) 
SH' Male Anatomical Element includes:
  • 2 G9 ZERO poses 
  • 23 MATs poses
  • 6 Rig poses
  • 6 V9 & M9 poses
  • 6 Female & Male Anatomical Element poses
  • 6 V9 & HH DEMON poses
  • 6 Female & Male Anatomical Element poses
  • UV MAP: The SH_G9 Male Anatomical Element uses the G9 Male Base UV map so there's no need to have a special map. Don't worry if your character doesn't have a special MAT because SH_G9 MaleGen will use the main G9 Female/Male texture.
  • LOADING: When loading the SH_G9 Male Anatomical Element prop into your scene, the Body will appear to be grey and the anatomical elements surfaces will be textured. Please follow the INSTRUCTIONS script to set your character's textures to SH_G9 Male Anatomical Element
  • PLEASE READ the OFFSET instructions script to use SH_G9 Male Anatomical Element with new characters
  • MATERIALS: The Materials folder contains several options for the anatomical parts surfaces.
  • You'll find posing and scaling controls in the SH_CTRLS group
  • You'll find the SH_Morphs group in your G9 Male Anatomical Element main parameters. morphs for the penis, anus, testicles, fluid and piercing. Experiment with the different morphs.
  • PARTS: Anatomical parts can be rotated, translated and resized for better posing and control.
NOTE: The G9 Male Anatomical Element is compatible with G9's Default UVMaps only, some new characters use the 8K Single UDMI UVMap, in this case the attachement isn't compatible.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 9Genesis 9 Female
  Genesis 9 Male

G9 Male Genitalia

SKU: 66853
By: Sledgehammer

Male Anatomical Element for G9 figures, you can use it in your Males or Females characters. Easy to use the same texture as you main character


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