Erogenesis - Lali's Bits v1


The package contains:
- Lali's Bits for Poser
- Numerous face & body morphs
- Lali's vagina prop with numerous presets & morphs
- Material for Poser Pro 2012 and Poser 9
- Vaginal Texture & bump (JPG)
- Hip / genital region transparent PNG for you to map onto your texture
- V4WM support*
- Comprehensive Manual***

Minimum requirements for Lali's Bits are:
- Poser 8 (Poser 6 and 7 support see below for details**)
- V4.2 (or V4WM*)
- Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 (to read the manual)

Current Version 1.04 (May 25, 2013):
- contains the c18 injection update that will solve most of the problems
  that a few users have encountered, such as simple JCM failures and
  cross-talking issues.
- manual updated to include additional troubleshooting guidance

* Lali-Bits for V4WM Bonus product file (Nov 23, 2014):
Requires V4WM and Poser 2014
New Texture maps for V4WM. This file is only compatible with Poser 2014.
Also included is a short PDF on how to use the weight maps.

** Note on Poser 6 and 7 compatibility:  Our initial QA testing with Lali's Bits identified that it worked well with Poser 6, but a bug with Poser 7 slipped past testing.  As such, we are temporarily rescinding the statement on Poser 7 compatibility until the issue can be further understood.  Poser 6, however, still appears to work without issue but isn't officially supported.

***Warning regarding the user manual: Lali's Bits has been made available mostly thanks to my fans, who pretty much persuaded me to release it. The manual is therefore an almost personal message to my fans: do this, try that, but in a light-hearted, fun, and naughty manner... much like what happens when one has sex (which is the whole point of Lali's Bits).  Therefore, if you're easily offended by swear words or jokes, then maybe you shouldn’t read the manual.

*IMPORTANT: the location of your Victoria 4.2.cr2 is vital for a successful installation. Read page 23 of the manual carefully!

A Note from the Lali's creator, Erogenesis:

FINALLY I can sit down, relax, and watch a movie for the first time in months! Lali's Bits has finally hit the stores. As many of you know, it wasn't easy making an injection out of Lali's bits, but with severe will power and some heroic and persistent help from my new idol, Ken (DexterWard99), we managed to get Lali's Bits to inject on any V4 we could find.

While debugging the very last details of Lali's Bits I also managed to slap together a Manual with a pile of information to get you started very quickly. But because I was combining the two tasks, I forgot to mention a pile of things (hey, I'm a man).

Lali's Bits is a platform from which you can do a lot of cool things. Generally it is an improvement for Victoria 4's hip and genital area. Lali's Bits will solve almost all bending problems for you. It also allows you to open the vaginal area in a smooth way, regardless of the position of the leg, thanks to a battery of Joint-Controlled set of Assymmetric Morphs for the opening vagina.

Because it works between several angle intervals, from 0 to 90 and from 90 to 135 (and a few more off to the side, you might need to adjust the vagina walls slightly if the thigh is half-way the interval. These are very easy adjustments to make, like the eyelids of V4, or a mouth, it doesn't need to be accurate. Its whatever you want to achieve.

I really really want to emphasize that this thing is quite big, with a vast array of options. It will probably be able to cater for almost everyone's needs, but it depends on how you use it.

This is not a 'Make Art' button or module, and I'm sure there are plenty of ways to fuck Lali's Bits up, but it is very easy to use.

If at first you see something that doesn't entirely look pleasing, there are many ways to solve it. If you go straight to troubleshooting in the manual, there's a good example of what I mean.

Lali's bits compatibility with other morph packages is generally ok, but some are less great. Morphs++ and most FBMs are fine. Aiko too, although it does become tricky the more you mess with the crotch area. One thing you'll quickly need to adjust is the vertical location of the prop, and you can safely leave it there. You'll have to play around with this. If you wanna be very VERY sure, send me an email and I'll make a render for you.

To give you more freedom to experiment, I've also supplied an older version of the injection which has different values that manage the behaviour of the JCMs around the thighs beyond 90 degrees. Try it out and see which Injection you prefer. READ THE MANUAL CAREFULLY, especially about installing, because the classic INJ style only works for the most recent updated versions of Poser.

So all in all, I hope you have a great time with Lali's Bits. I will be maintaining the Erogenesis Blog frequently with tips and instructions and troubleshooting items. Caramel Anthanasius is translating the manual into French! If you have any question that the manual or the blog doesn't answer, leave a comment / post or please send me an email at: AT
feb 2013

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 8

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4V4WM
  Victoria 4

Erogenesis - Lali's Bits v1

SKU: SKU30568
By: Erogenesis

Lali's Bits is a platform from that generally improves Victoria 4's hip and genital area. Lali's Bits will solve almost all bending problems for you.



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