Ultimate Smoking Set
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                              PRODUCT INFO

Ultimate Smoking Set -
Thank you for purchasing this set


This set contains the following items:
    01. Cigarette (2 materials, multiple morphs lit/bruised/short)
    02. Cigarette Pack (3 branding options, open morphs)
    03. Lighter (can be lit - flame adjustable in xyz directions)
    04. Matchbox (open morphs included)
    05. Matchstick (can be lit - flame adjustable in xyz directions)
    06. Cigarette Holder (for women)
    07. Cigar (2 shapes: torpedo and parejo, with 2 textures)
    08. Cigar Guillotine Cutter
    09. Cigar Tamper, Reamer and Pick combo tool (multiple morphs)
    10. Cigar Box (can open/close, 2 wood textures)
    11. Ashtray (glass)
    12. Ashes for Ashtray (as a separate object)
    13. Smoking Pipe
    14. Smoking Pipe Stand
    15. Smoking Pipe Flakes
    16. Smoking Joint
    17. Smoke screen object for smoke alphas (22 textures included)

While these products aren't bound to any figure, there are wearable
presets available to make life easier for below listed models:-
    * Genesis 8 Female / Genesis 8.1 Female
    * Genesis 8 Male / Genesis 8.1 Male
    * Genesis 9

The wearable presets are for mouth only.

                   Product Requirements and Compatibility
Programs Required: Daz4.21
Models Required: None
Any addons required to use: None

While this set doesn't depend on any base models, there are however
wearable presets included for G9, G8.1F, G8.1M, G8F, G8M

                            ABOUT THE SET

Liven up your renders the ultimate smoking set you'll ever need!

Extract/Drop these files into your DAZ3D Library

Your Daz3D Library path will look something like this:
C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library

Please make sure thats the below 3 folders are correctly updated:
    My Library\data\
    My Library\Props\
    My Library\Runtime\Textures\

Wearable Presets:
The wearable presets are included for the common Genesis 8 and 9
figures. They will automatically go to the figure's mouth and are
usually paired with a smoke alpha.

You can easily adjust the smoking product after preset load if they
don't look right. Changing the mouth pose will affect the xyz rotation
of the smoke emitting product, and may need to be readjusted to
the right orientation after mouth pose change

The smoke alpha can also be moved indepently of the smoking emitting
product. Scale it up or down depending on how you need it, or use
multiple alphas in the same scene!

Lighter / Matchstick
These can be lit, and there are special morphs included to
rotate the flame in all cardinal directions. Please use them! There
are 2 emissive material sets included - a normal one and a really
really bright one. I recommend adjusting the emmisive luminosity
depending on what kind of lighting is already present in your scene.

The matchstick light sometimes looks odd and whitish in brigth scenes.
To fix the whitish looking flame, just increase translucency weight
and make sure tranluceny color map is set to "fl_01_emmi.png" which
in my opinion gives best looking result in bright scenes.
If your flame still looks a bit off try rotating it a little so its
just at the right camera angle for a realistic look - since the
actual flame isn't 3d but a 2d plane it needs to be at the right
angle to look good.

Tamper, Reamer & Pick Multi-tool
Although its an all in one object, the individual items can be rotated
using the builtin morphs. So the tamper, reamer and pick can be
rotated individually!


Cigarette Holder
Smoke Alphas

                          COPYRIGHT & LICENSE

Copyright (c) 2024 BitterMiasma. All rights reserved. Not intended for



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Ultimate Smoking Set

SKU: 70526
By: BitterMiasma

This set contains every smoking prop imaginable - cigarettes, cigars, joints, pipes, lighters, matchstick, matchbox, and their accessories such as cigar cutter, cigarette holder. Read long description for more


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