Sonsy 2023 UPDATE for Genesis 9
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This is a supplemental add-on package of morphs which adds 60+ brand new (and many requested) options to the existing SONSY 2023 for G9 product. See the list below for a complete run-down on what new morphs are included.
Unfortunately due to presets included in this package, you MUST OWN AND HAVE INSTALLED the SONSY 2023 FOR G9 product – as some of the morphs in this add-on package refer to morphs contained in the original product package
And speaking of presets, this package comes with a more MILF-like feminine base preset for G9 that gives your figure a far more normal and realistic starting point. I like the feminine base preset that comes with G9 but it just seemed a little off in the areas around the shoulders and hips – so I’ve taken the liberty of compiling my own base for you that solves a lot of those quirky little items.
In addition to new morphs and presets, there are also some much-requested fixes for G9 that include corrective morphs for the arms being held over the head as well as some details for the armpits when held up in that position. G9 just totally lacked any armpit dents…guess it was overlooked…so I gave her some. 
There are also a multitude of new FBM (full body morph) options for plumping up the base figure. I’ve also included two options to shrink the scalp (head) somewhat to fix those weird hair figures that make G9 look like she has a huge forehead. The morphs are set for auto-follow so any conformed hair figures should adjust when you use them. 
Lot’s of new morphs in this one and I’d be here all day trying to describe each and every one. Check out the list below for the full accounting.
The figure (G9F) body shaping morphs will appear in your G9 BODY parameters list here:
SONSY 2023 
DAZ Studio 4.2 or higher
Genesis 9 Figure Base
SONSY 2023 for Genesis 9
Installation must be for the Genesis 9 BASE. Installation in the wrong file will result in the morphs not appearing in the parameters or not working properly. Do not custom install. Install directly to the files provided in the download.
Package must be installed manually by user. There is no auto-installation option or function. See installation instructions for directions. If you have never installed manually before, refer to PDF included in this product's zip (compressed) file for help.
Alien Eye Depth
Alien Eye Protrusion
Alien Eye Protrusion Expansions
Arm Raised LEFT PIT Detail
Arm Raised RIGHT PIT Detail
Arm Size
Armpits Shoulder Smoothing for Thick Torso 
Big Breast Hangers 4 Out to Sides
Big Breasts Hangers 4 Pull Down tops
Body Smooth Thin
Bow Back
Breast Shape 9 Small
Breast Shape 9 Small Pointy
Breast Shape 9 Small Side Boob
Breast Shape 9 Small Weighty
Breasts Shift Forward
Busted Biscuits Male-Female Natural
Busted Can of Biscuits ALT
Busted Can of Biscuits Realistic
Busted Can of Biscuits Realistic 2
Head Shrink Scalp for Better Hair Fit
Head Shrink Scalp for Better Hair Fit 2
Head Width
High Belly
High Belly Droop
High Belly Inner Pants Roll
High Belly Pelvic Roll
High Belly Vaginal Crevice for Panties
Legs Length Full
Legs Lower Length
Legs Upper Length
Lower Body Husky
Lower Body Husky Adjust Hip Height
Lower Body Husky Belly Adjust
Neck Smaller Circumference
Raise Rib and Breast Height
Remove Inner Thigh Bow ALT
Shoulders Narrow 2
Thick Lower Body
Thick Mom --- Adjust with Torso Narrower
Thick Mom Hips
Thicken Lower Hips Down Only
Thicken Neck and Shoulders
Thicken Whole Body
Thighs Thick 1
Thighs Thick 2
Thighs Thick 3
Thighs Thicken Inner
Thighs Thicken Outer
Thin Lower body
Thin Lower Body ALT
Thin or Thick Upper Body
Torso Narrower
Torso Thick Rolls
Torso Thick Rolls Adjust
Navel More Realistic
Navel More Realistic Add Horizontal
Arm Over Head Shoulder Fix LEFT
Arm Over Head Shoulder Fix RIGHT
Shin Calves Ankles thicker



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 9Genesis 9 Female
  Genesis 9 Male

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Sonsy 2023 for Genesis 9
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Genesis 9 Female (

Sonsy 2023 UPDATE for Genesis 9

SKU: 70233
By: HevieState3D

Provides an update to SONSY 2023 FOR GENESIS 9 and adds an immense number of brand new morphs.


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