Grand Inquisitor Core Package for DS and Poser
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Product: Grand Inquisitor "Core Package"

Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama
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Copyright (c) 2022 davo. All rights reserved. Not intended for redistribution.
Get medieval on your favorite characters with the Grand Inquisitor Core Package. A richly textured and detailed dungeon environment and restraining tools to get your personal inquisition going.
System Requirements for Daz Studio
- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Daz Studio 4+ (created using Daz Studio 4.2)
- Poser is available (sold separately) with material/surface zone adjustments and poses for G8F/M4
- - All files in .duf, .ds*, .png and .jpg format.
System Requirements for Poser
- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Poser 8+  
- DazStudio version is available (sold separately) with material/surface zone adjustments and poses for the Genesis 8 figures
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png and .jpg format.

SPECIAL NOTE 1: Posing for Genesis 8 figures is based on the STANDARD, NON-MORPHED OR ALTERED figures. If you have applied morphs or altered body shapes or proportions, you must manually adjust the character and device positions if connection points are not touching. If you do have to alter the poses, you can do this to one side of the device and one side of your character then use the symmetry command to mirror the result to the other side.
SPECIAL NOTE 2: Iray is the render engine of choice. This package only includes materials that will look good in Iray.


Figure Library Descriptions:

----Barrel Folder:----

Barrel: This is a wooden barrel figure with built in floor brace if you want to stack it on the floor or on top of other barrels. The barrel has an inside fluid surface and 2 lids. One lid is solid, the other lid has a hole in it so you can poke a head through it. There are a couple of barrel tap smart props in the folder if you want to use the barrels as wine or alcohol barrels. If you want to use the barrel as a restraint device, poses are provided for the barrel and G8F/V4 in the pose folder.

----Cages Folder:----

Cage 1 : This is a cage with operable grate with a head hole. The water level in the cage can be moved up and down and the bottom interior of the cage can be moved up and down. The "base" of the cage is intended to be at floor level, the cage portion (with the grate) can move up and down allowing this cage to be inset low on the floor or high up so you have to access it from a platform. There are poses
in the pose library with different configuration options for G8F/V4

Cage 1 with Locks: This is cage 1 with the addition of Locks on the lock bar.

Platform Cage: This is a raised platform with cage covering over a large water filled pit. The cage has 2 doors. 3 pose files are supplied for G8F/V4 in the pose library.

Platform Cage with Locks: This is the Platform cage figure with locks already added to the doors.

----Chain Sets Folder:----

Chain Double Set: A posable set of chains that can be added to any location. This can be used as room clutter for looks or you can use the supplied pose files for use with G8F/V4.

Chain Single Set: A posable single chain with poseable links. This can be used as scene clutter or with the basic pose supplied in the pose library. 

Chain Wall Mount: This is a classic base with large ring holding 2 chains setup.  The ring and chains are poseable.  This can be used as scene clutter or you can use the poses supplied for G8F/V4.

----Flogger Folder:----

Flogger: This unique contraption keeps your character bent over for a good spanking, but wait, there's more. There is posable wrist stock with repositionable chain and a couple of feet spikes to keep your character on their toes. In addition, there is a couple of whips you can use to flog your character. A pose file is provided for the flogger and matching pose for G8F/V4.

Flogger Combo: This is the flogger with the addition of both whips pre-parented to the hooks on the flogger.

Whip 1: This is a poseable whip with 3 spiked chains you can flail around. Each chain has easypose bending technology for fast and easy bending.  This whip comes as a Wearable Preset for G8M/M4 and G8F/V4 which will place the whip in your characters right hand.

Whip 2: This rod style whip has some size/shaping morphs. This whip comes as a Wearable Preset for G8M/M4 and G8F/V4 which will place the whip in your characters right hand.

----Frames Folder:----

Frame 1: This is a sturdy wooden post with 5 posable chains that you can use to restrain your character. The posts and head have size/shaping morphs to move/adjust poses.  This post would be good for public viewing if you did an exterior scene. Pose files are provided for the post and matching poses for G8F/V4 in the pose library.

----Gibbet Folder:----

Gibbet: This is a simple wall mounted gibbet with some size/shaping morphs.  A pose file is included for the gibbet and G8F/V4.

----Hand Tools Folder:----

Brazier: A simple Brazier with some emmisive lit coals that will glow in a dimly lit scene. You can put tools in it to heat it up.

Brazier Combo: This is the Brazier with the addition of some heated tools sitting in it.

Tool Table: This is a posable and size/shape morph adjustable table that can be used to hold tools and intimmodate your characters while your dungeon master sets up shop.  There are 6 symmetrical mirroring tool hooks along the outter edge.

Tool Table Combo: This is the tool table with a bunch of the hand tools already parented to it. You can just add it to your scene for scene clutter.

Tool Nail Set: This is a set of 12 nails that you can use to nail 'things' to a cross or other stuff. I included it in case you want to do some creative posing or uses, it's also good for scene clutter. This figure is symmetrical mirroring and the all the nails can be moved around by moving the "base" body part. No poses are supplied.


Tools Stand Alone: This subfolder has all the tools as a stand alone prop.

Tools for G8M and G8F/V4: These subfolders contain hand tools that will automatically position into your characters right hand and pose the hand at the same time (hand pose provided for Poser version).
Materials: This folder contains some default and emmisive material settings for some of the tools. Click on the tool of choice in your scene and then apply the texture.

A brief description of the tools:

-Axe: Hand axe/hatchet tool with some size/shaping morphs
-Brand Base: This is a branding iron with some size/shape morphs. There aresome smart prop brand letters that will automatically parent to the brand base.
-Brand letters A, H, T and W: These are smart prop branding letters. They will smart prop to the Brand Base prop. Select the brand base prop before applying the letters, they will snap into place automatically.
-Claw: A 3 prong claw tool to use for ripping and scratching. It has some size/shaping morphs
-Hammer: Hand Hammer for, well, hammering and bashing things. It's got some size/shaping morphs
-Pick: Ice pick style hand tool. It's got some size/shaping morphs
-Pliers 1 - 4: Simple plier tools for crushing and grabbing things. Each have some size/shaping or open close morphs.
-Rake: A two pronged raking tool for ripping and clawing. It's got some size/shaping morphs
-Skewer: A pick like tool with screw-like threads for skewering
-Snips: Scissor like cutting hand tool. It's got some size/shaping morphs
-Spike: A long spike you can use to impale your characters with.

----The Dungeon Folder:----

_Null Base Set: This is a simple base you can use to parent walls to or other items if you want to move them all around together. It has a base, right, left, front and back nullbases. These null set just below the floor level so they will no be visible when rendering.

_Null Base Single: This is a simple nullbase you can parent several items to so they move together all at once. This null sits just below the floor level so it won't be seen during rendering.

Basket: This is a simple wicker style basket with morph size/shape adjustments.  You can change the basket contents material from Gross Stuff to grain texture in the material folder in the "Room Props" sub-folder.

Bucket: Simple bucket with water surface. Bucket has size/shape morphs for variation.

Canal Floor: this is an alternative floor you can use in the dungeon room. I has an adjustable water level and two canal tunnels. This figure is already used in the ROOM ASSEMBLIES folder "Canal Dungeon".  The main floor of the dungeon has been moved out of view and this floor in it's place.
Canal Cover: This is a cage/cover that goes over the canal which allows you to use the canal pit as a holding cell.

Canal Cover with Locks: This same cover as above but with the addition of padlocks on the doors.

Candle 1: This is a poseable 3 candlestick holder. It's got size/shape morphs on most parts so you can vary the look of the set. The flames have ambient lit material zone that will glow in a dimly lit scene.  You can place this candle set anywhere.

Candle 2: This is a single candlestick holder with size/shape morphs on most parts. You can place it anwywhere.

Cauldron: This is a large cauldron with some bubbly fluid inside. The fluid level is adjustable as are the ambient lit flames.  You can get creative and use this in conjunction with some of the restraint devices to lower your favorite character into the hot fluids.
Cell Door: This is a cell door and wall set that can be used to fit into the niches or cutouts on the dungeon room figure. The texturing matches the rest of the dungeon. The door is posable.

Cell Door with Lock: This is the same cell door but with a padlock pre-attached to the door.

Column Lamps 1 and 2: These lamps have emmisive lit flames and fit to the dungeon columns. Lamps have size/shaping morphs. These lamps are intened to go on the dungeons columns. The "Room Assemblies" subfolder has these lamps already parented to the columns in the Basic Dungeon set

Crate Large and Crate Small: These crates have posable lids and adjustable height filling material such as hay.  The crates lids open and close and each crate has size/shape morph adjustments. You can use these crates as room clutter.

Cross Xtra: This is a religious cross that you can add anywhere to your scene to give it an official religious look and feel. The cross has some size/shaping morphs.

Door Xtra and Stairs Xtra: These are the door and stairs from the Stair Door Set but as individual parts. The door Xtra can be used as a floor level door as scene clutter.

Drinking Bottle: Simple bottle for setting on a table.

Drinking Cup: Simple cup for setting on a table.

Drinking Jar: Simple jar for setting on a table.

Dungeon Floor Plane Xtra: This is a copy of dungeon floor plane and can be uses as a stand alone floor plane.

Dungeon Room: This is the main dungeon room environment. It has a non-rendering "base" sphere just below the floor level. You can use this 'base' to move the whole room around. The use of the base also allows you to move the main floor out of view without moving anything else, this lets you use the
alternative 'canal floor' figure.  All the columns and ceiling beams can be moved out of view for better viewing angles.
All walls, ceiling and floor can be moved out of view as well for better camera viewing. The default position of the room has the left and front wall moved out of view.
A pre-assembled version of this room is provided in the "Room Assemblies" subfolder

Eating Plate: Simple plate for setting on a table.

Floor Litter: No dungeon has spotless floors! This cool litter figure has several bits and pieces all held together with a non-rendering base that you can use to move the whole set around. Place these anywhere in your scene on the floor and move the bits around for room clutter.

Hay Scraps 1: Simple floor prop of hay for placing around the room for room clutter.

Old Lock: Simple old metal padlock with open-close morph. This lock is already partented to most items that can use a lock.

Platform Steps: This is a set of wooden steps you can place anywhere or use for any purpose. It will fit the Platform figure.

Room Brazier 1: A simple brazier with coals and flames that glow in a dimly lit scene.  Brazier has size/shape morphs

Room Platform: This is a simple morph size/shape adjustable platform to do some of your dirty work, especially if your scene is outdoors.

Scribe Pen for G8M/M4 and G8F/V4: This is a simple scribe pen that will automatically position and hand pose the right hand of your character.

Scribes Table: This is a cool little table and chair that you can use to record confessions with. It's got a repositionable seat, ink pot and ink pen. A pose file for G8M/M4 and G8F/V4 and the table is provided in the library of the "Props Assemblies" subfolder.

Stair Door Set: This is a simple set of stone stairs with a door at the top. The door can open and close, but nothing is behind it. This can be used as a simple room setting prop.

Stairs Xtra: A set of stairs that lead to nowhere, this is a extract of the "Stair Door Set" and can be used anywhere for any reason

Stump Stool: Simple stump that can be used as a stool or table.

Table 1: Simple table for setting things one. Table has size/shaping morphs. A couple of pre-assembled tables with tools and dishes is provided
in the "Props Assemblies" subfolder.

Wall 1: This is a simple divider wall with size/shaping morphs. This can be used between the columns of the dungeon to create a more centralized scene

Wall 2 Arched No Door: Simple wall prop with arched opening, can be used anywhere.

Wall 2 Arched: This wall has an arched opening with a poseable door. Wall has size/shape morph controls

Wall 2 Arched with Lock: Same wall as above but with a lock added.

----Light Presets subFolder---- (DAZ STUDIO ONLY!)

Note: The pre-assembled basic and canal dungeons in the "Room Assemblies" folders contain some emmissive lit flames to simulate a dimly lit dungeon. This might not be suitable for close up scenes of your character, so a simple light set is provided, see below:

This folder contains a simple set of lights that you can import into your dungeon scene. The Basic White Light lighting preset will import several lights into the scene which will brighten the room a bit. You can move the light labeled "PointLight CENTER" up and down, which will in turn move all the added lights up and down.  You can adjust any one of the lights by clicking on the light and adjusting it's "Light" Luminous Flux (Lumen) values higher or lower.

----Prop Assemblies subFolder:----

Barrel Stack Assem 1 and 2: This is a pre-parented stack of barrels that you can use to populate a room. Both stacks of barrels are parente to a null base, use the null base to move them all around.

Basket Sets 1 and 2: This is a pre-parented set of baskets and bucket that you can use to populate a room. Both stacks of barrels are parente to a null base, use the null base to move them all around. There is a Materials subfolder with an option to change the basket interior textures.

Crate Stack: This is a pile of crates already pre-parented together. The bottom, middle crate is the crate that moves them all around.

Scribe Table Set: This is the scribes table and some candles parented to the scribe table base. Poses are provided for the Table, G8M/M4, G8F/V4 and pre-parented scribe pens are also included for G8M and G8F/V4.

-----Room Assemblies subFolder----

Basic Dungeon: This is the basic floor plan with columns, cell doors with locks, stairs with door and column lighting. There is also some room clutter piles of props and figures for interest. These are parented to the wall they are nearest.  

Canal Dungeon: This is a the same basic floor plan with the main floor hiden and canal floor figure added. The stairs have been replaced with doors and the columns have been hidden.

Inner Wall Set 1: This is a set of walls and dungeon floor plane parented to the null base set. You can import this into one of your dungeon room setups or as a stand alone.

Inner Wall Set 2: This is a small scene with no floor, just walls parented to the _nullbaseset figure.

Pose files to reconfigure the columns, ceiling beams and outter wall positions are provided in the Pose library

----Wheel Set Folder:----
(Wheel set is comprised of combinations of figures that are pre-parented for convenience)

Wheel Combo 1: This is a pre-parented Wheel and Wheel Base 1 setup. Pose files for single or double character use is supplied in the pose library.

Wheel Combo 2: This is the Wheel and Platform Base pre-parented setup for using the wheel over water.  Pose files for single or double character use is supplied in the pose library.

Wheel Combo 2 for Canal: This is a wheel and wheel base 2 setup that can be used in the "Canal Dungeon" scene environment available in this Core Package. Pose files for single or double character use is supplied in the pose library.

---Elements SubFolder---:
(Contains the individual elements used to make the combo figures)

Coal Tub: Simple metal tub filled with hot coals that will glow in a dimly lit scene. You can place this beneath the wheel to torment your characters as they pass over it.

Platform Xtra: This is a simple wood platform for placing things on. It matches the platform on one of the wheel combos in the figures library.

Rake: This is a menacing tool that you can use to run your characters over. The spokes have morphs and are posable. Some size/shaping morphs are included for custom fits.  Place this wherever you wish.

Wheel Base 1: This is a floor mounted wheel base for using the wheel on solid ground rather than over water. This base has some unique features like the weighted armature with a poseable chain. By default the chain goes into the collar and out of view, implying there is a lower level below the dungeon. There is also a large stone weight that can be used on the chain to imply weighted stressing on the wheel. A pose file in included for the base to switch between collar and stone weight.
The axle and beams of the base are size/shape morph adjustable so you can make it higher or lower. The wheel gets parented to the "axle" body part in the combination setups.

Wheel Base 2: This is a base that can be used if you want to suspend the wheel over a water or other feature that is not solid ground. All parts are size/shape morph adjustable. The wheel figure is partented to the "axle" body part in the combination setups.

Wheel Platform: This is a simple platform with a water pit that can be used to store things or suspend the wheel over.  It is used in one of the combination setups.

Wheel Spikes: These are add-on spikes that smart prop to the wheel for some additional tormenting. Click on the wheel first then add the spikes. They will place automatically as it is a smart prop.

Wheel: This is the wheel with spokes and chains used to parent your characters to. It's got some size/shaping morphs. The wheel is parented to the base 1 and base 2 "axle" body parts in the combination setups.

Props Libraries:

Cuffs Basic Iron library: (this library is in the /Props/Davo folder, not the Grand Inquisitor Folder)

These libraries contain smart prop cuffs to use in conjunction with the most of Davo's packages.  These smart props will automatically position and parent to your characters.
To apply the cuffs, click on your character in your preview window, then click to add each cuff, they will position automatically.
A more detailed readme file is included in the product zip files for Daz Studio and Poser.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.20
PoserPoser 10
 Poser 11
 Poser 12
 Poser 8
 Poser 9

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4
 Genesis 8Genesis 8 Female
  Genesis 8 Male

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(Poses work for G8F/G8M base (free) and V4.2/M4 (from Daz3d))

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Victoria 4.2 Base (

Grand Inquisitor Core Package for DS and Poser

SKU: 66661
By: Davo

Medieval restraints, a dungeon setting with alternative canal, room props, diabolical hand tools and more will get you started on a Grand Inquisition of your own! Daz Studio and Poser version with support for G8F, G8M, V4 and M4.


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