Mischief Hood
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As we know, silence can be sexy and with this set it
Get your Victoria 4 ready for new plays!
You get:
-conforming Hood for Victoria 4
-Pump figure with Easy Pose
-5 Latex Mats, 4 Fishnets Mats
Please parent the Pump figure to Victoria 4's head before posing.
Included Morphs:
Definition, Voluptuous, Young
FaceBottomDepth, FaceFlat, FaceFull
FaceHeart, FaceLong, FaceMidDepth
FaceRound, FaceSize, FaceSquare
EarsFront-Back, EarsShape
NoseHeight, PhiltrumSlant
MouthCornerDepth, MouthCornerUp-Down
MouthHeight, MouthNarrow, MouthOpen
MouthOpenWide, MouthSize
MouthSmile-Frown, MouthSmile-FrownL, MouthSmile-FrownR
LipBottomCrease, LipBottomEdgeHeight
LipBottomIn-Out, LipBottomIn-OutL, LipBottomIn-OutR
LipBottomMidDefine, LipBottomOutDefine
LipBottomUp-Down, LipBottomUp-DownL, LipBottomUp-DownR
LipsCurve, LipsPart, LipsPartCenter, LipsPucker
LipsPuckerWide, LipTopCenterHeight, LipTopCrease
LipTopCurves, LipTopDepth, LipTopEdgeCurve
LipTopEdgeHeight, LipTopMidDefine, LipTopOutDefine
LipTopPeak, LipTopThickness
BrowDefine, BrowsArch
CheekBonesSize, CheekBonesWidth, CheeksDefine
CheeksDepth, CheeksFlex, CheeksHigh, CheeksSink
CraniumSlope, ForeheadDefine, ForeheadFlat
ChinCleft, ChinCrease, ChinDepth, ChinSize
JawAngle, JawCornerWidth, JawCurve
JawDefine, JawHeight, JawIn-Out
JawSide-Side, JawSize
RaiseScalp, ScalpBack, WidenScalp
ForeheadOut, ChinDown, Head_BendBack
CollarR_Front, CollarL_Front
CollarL_Back, CollarR_Back
CollarR_Up, CollarL_Up
You need:
Victoria 4
Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
Poser 6 and up
Not tested in DAZ Studio



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 6

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Product Requirements

V4 Morphs ++

Mischief Hood

SKU: 49358
By: SynfulMindz

As we know, silence can be sexy and with this set it is! Get your Victoria 4 ready for new plays!


40% off until 6/1/2024


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