HotTopZZ I for V4
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Get this very cool Latexshirt for your sweetheart. It has several Morphs for adjustment and many movements . It support A4, G4, S4 and V4 Morphs ++ + V4 Male ( no Crosstalk) I have play around with several material looks and kick them all in. Changing the diffuse color will give you more possibilities. Every other material will look fine on this shirt too...template is in if you want to do a texture. Please read the usage tips before you buy !!!! You will get : 2 conform Tops obj / cr2 1 is working with crosstalk technology and one without. That makes it sometimes easier to work with you special character 5 colors black, blue, red, skin and pink coming in 3 different materialsettings. Required products: Poser 7 or higher, V4 Base from DAZ. May work in Poser 6 . NOT DAZ tested. Tested in Poser 7, 8 and PoserPro 2012

Morphlist :
Breast Helper Morphs :
Breast L Front Breast L Out Breast L Out 2 Breast L Out 3 Breast LUP Breast Middle Front Breast MiddleUP Breast R Front Breast R Out Breast R Out 2 Breast R Out 3 Breast RUP breast bottom l Front breast bottom middle Fron breast bottom r Front breast bottom r down breast bottoml l down breast bottoml middle down

FBMA4AikoBody FBMA4AikoPetite FBMA4Realistic FBMA4Stylized FBMS4Caitlyn FBMS4Paige FBMS4Stephanie Girl 4 V4 Male FBM:
FBMAmazon FBMBodyBuilder FBMBulk FBMFitness FBMPearFigure FBMVoluptuous PBM:
PBMBellyThickness PBMBreastsCleavage PBMBreastsDiameter PBMBreastsDroop PBMBreastsFlatten PBMBreastsHangForward PBMBreastsImplant PBMBreastsLarge PBMBreastsNatural PBMBreastsSize PBMGlutesSize PBMHipsCrest PBMHipsSize PBMLatsSize PBMLoveHandleL PBMLoveHandleR PBMStomachDepth PBMThighsThickness PBMTorsoThickness PBMTrapsSize PBMTummyOut PBMWaistWidth Funny Extras :
Left Down Lift Back Lift Front Line Longer Right Down Second Look Second Look ADJ Front Second Look ADJ Side UnDress UndressMore Smooth More Crinkle ADJ Traps L ADJ Traps R



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 7
Other Notes
Poser(May work in 6)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

HotTopZZ I for V4

SKU: SKU29739
By: RedLightZZ

Kinky Top for V4, A4, Girl4 , Stephanie V and V4 Male support. 1 crosstalk and 1 Non Crosstalk Version 15 Poser Materials


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