Vendo Box Storage Facility Equipment Pack 1 for DS and Poser
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Product:  Davo's Vendo Box Storage Facility "Equipment Pack 1" for Daz Studio and Poser

Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama
store support forum:
Copyright (c) 2023 davo. All rights reserved. Not intended for redistribution.
A dystopian underground human storage facility for your assembly line and industrial renders!
SPECIAL NOTE 1: Posing for Genesis 8 (V4) figures is based on the STANDARD, NON-MORPHED OR ALTERED figures. If you have applied morphs or
altered body shapes or proportions, you must manually adjust the character and device positions if connection points are not touching. If you do have to alter
the poses, you can do this to one side of the device and one side of your character then use the symmetry command to mirror the result to the other side.
SPECIAL NOTE 2 (Daz Studio): Iray is the render engine of choice. This package only includes materials that will look good in Iray.
System Requirements for Daz Studio:
- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Daz Studio 4+ (created using Daz Studio 4.2)
- All files in .duf, .ds*, .png and .jpg format.

System Requirements for Poser:
- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Poser 8+  
- DazStudio version is available (sold separately) with material/surface zone adjustments and poses for the Genesis 3 figures
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png and .jpg format.
Note: Descriptions are for Daz Studio, however the Poser version is very similar. Poser version has V4 support.
Human Storage Boxes Folder:
-Face Mask: This is an air mask that has some filters and an easypose hose that can be posed to any location. The mask, side filters and hose base can be repositiond and have some size/shape morphs.  The Face Masks in the pose library for G8F is a wearable preset and will automatically apply and self pose. The pose library has some options for the use of the face mask with Box 4 whether you use the
body sack or no sack. These pose library masks are wearable presets to the G8F/G9F characters.

- Storage Box 3: This is a vertical storage container that covers your characters private region but leaves the rest of the character exposed.
The helmet/hood has morphs to expose more of the head or hide it completely. The display screen and some markings on the box has emmisive/ambient material properties that will glow in a dimly lit scene.
Pose files for the Box and matching poses for G8F/G9F are provided. The Face Mask pose is a wearable preset that will automatically apply, position and pose the mask.

- Storage Box 4 Storage Sack (for G8F and G9F): These are simple sacks that can be used to suggest a human is inside. They fit the standard non-morphed G8F and G9F characters snuggly.  There is a collar around the neck with some emmissive/ambient lit material properties on the buttons and screen. The collar can be hidden. There is a morph on the sack that will morph out the head covering down to the collar so you can see your characters head if you choose to do so.  The versions of these sacks in the pose library are actually wearable presets to G8F/G9F, they will automatically pose your character and fit the sack to them.  
Pose files are provided for G8F and G9F as well as color options for the sack and collar.
Be aware, the sack is a static prop with no body shape morphs and will not take the size and shape of your character if you heavily morph them.

Storage Box 4: This is a suspension type box to hold your character with or without the sack. Poses are available for G8F/G9F in the pose library as well as color options for the box. Parent G8F/G9F to the boxes "base" body part before applying any poses. The holder at the top of the rack fits to the Rack 4 figure in the Storage Room / Room Accessories folder.

Storage Box 4 Shell Combo (for G8F or G9F): These are a preparented and set up combos of Storage Box 4, the Sack and Face Mask. You can use this shell if you don't want to show any characters, just the exterior of the box and shell. This is good for multiple stored character appearances.

--Poses subfolder---: There are subfolders for boxes 3 and 4. These subfolders contain poses for G8F/G9F, wearable preset for the face mask if applicable and subfolders for color options.
Parent your G8F/G9F character to the boxes "base" body part and apply the poses for the box and G8F.
Color options, select your box, then apply the material preset.

Storage Room / Room Accessories
- Crane: This crane is also part of the Core package but also provided for transportation for the Storage Box 4

- Sled Xtra: This is a transportation sled that is pulled off the Station 1 figure and provided as a stand alone. It has size/shape morphs and can be used to transport things around. There are pre-parented rack/sled combos in the Accessory Combos folder

- Rack 4: This rack is useful for hanging the Storage box 4 figures on.  The racks parts have size/shape adjustment morphs for custom fitting.

- Rack 4 Crane Connect: This is a small connector that fits on the bottom of the crane. You can use this move around the Storage box 4 figure. If you have a crane in your scene, the connector will automatically smart parent to the bottom of the crane.
Positioning pose files are available in the Storage Box 4 poses for G8F and G9F.

- Rack 4 Crane Conn Assembly: This is a pre-assembled crane and rack 4 connector, use this for convenience.

----Accessories Combos subfolder---

- Rack 4a and 4b: These are pre-parented sets of rack 4 figures with storage box 4, sacks and masks already pre-parented and set up.

Sled with Rack 4: This is an automated sled with a set of rack 4 and storage rack 4 setups already parented to it. Use these to populate your scene for interest.

Read First icons: Most folders contain a "READ FIRST" icon. By clicking this icon, an informational dialog box will pop up with pertinent information regarding the contents of the folder. Please read these notes and it is helful.
A more detailed readme is available in the product zip files.


Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserPoser 12
Other Notes
(Products created/rigged in Poser 2012 and Daz Studio 4.21)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4
 Genesis 8Genesis 8 Female
 Genesis 9Genesis 9 Female

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(Poses work for G8F/G9F base (free) and V4.2 (from Daz3d))

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Vendo Box Storage Facility Equipment Pack 1 for DS and Poser

SKU: 67416
By: Davo

New human storage boxes to add to your dystopian human cargo artwork and renders. Poses for G9F included! Use this as a stand alone or addition to your Vendo Box Storage Facility Core package.


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