Chamber 4 "Core Package" For DazStudio
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Product:  Chamber 4 "Core Package" for Daz Studio
Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama
Daz Studio Optimization: Freeone
Copyright (c) 2021 davo. Copyright (c) 2021 freeone. All rights reserved. Not intended for redistribution.

Thank you for purchasing Chamber 4 "Core Package" for Daz Studio from Davo/Freeone
You can view your favorite characters in this new isolation room and its devious devices.
NOTE: PLEASE READ FIRST: The complex wearable presets contained in this set not only pose the character but apply and align props to the character as well. These poses and prop alignments are guaranteed to be “relatively precise” when properly applied to a BASIC DAZ STUDIO GENESIS 8 FEMALE. Use of this product on a character that is even the slightest deviated from a Basic Genesis 8 Female negates ANY guarantee of “relatively precise” posing and prop alignments to the character. It is recommended to first apply the presets in this set and then apply any other morphs or characters that do not deviate the poses and prop alignments beyond your desire or abilities to correct them.
System Requirements:
- Requires DazStudio 4.11+
- Basic G8F or G8M for poses.
- PC compatible
- Not tested in Mac
- All files in .duf, .dsf, .png and .jpg format.
Chamber: This is the isolation chamber. This chamber features a posable door, repositionable ceiling lights and a front wall with height adjustable viewing glass. There are some width morphs that allow for the chamber to be narrowed down into a smaller chamber. A pose file is included that will shrink the room down and pose to set it back to default. The ceiling, back and side walls have a morph to hide the padding and expose the concrete surface. The front wall has a morph to adjust the top height and bottom height of glass so you can have a narrow viewing band or floor to ceiling viewing window.

Chamber Alternate: This is the same chamber, but the door and floor have been hidden and replaced with a new reinforced door and floor with an access hatch built into it.  The access hatch doors slide from side to side with the "open-close" dial and also have a morph to shrink the outter ends of the doors so they don't poke through the outer sides of the room.

Fuck Machine: This is a very cool articulated fuck machine with morph length adjustable armatures to allow for long reaches. The design of the device matches the other restraint elements used in this package. There are two dildo heads with a few size/shape morphs to play around with. There is a repositionable control panel on the machine as well.  Both dildo heads can be made invisible if you want to substitute another tool on the holders.

Rack: This industrial rack is designed to match the other elements in this package. It has a width and height adjustable base and the connector can be rotated so you can have your characters rotated for better access. This rack could be mounted to a wall or the ceiling as well for some interesting posing.  The arms and cuff hooks on this rack are symmetrical mirroring for faster posing, the arms also have some size/shape morphs for custom fits. Pose/load files for G8F and inclusive pose files for the rack are available in the pose library.
Spreader: This is a new design concept for spreading out your favorite character. This spreader is both floor and ceiling mounted with spreader arms for your characters arms and legs. The top and bottom spreader is moved around by the "base" body part that is displayed as a wireframe ball in Poser, it will not render as it has an invisible material zone. The top and bottom spreader bases have a length morph as does both of the arms on each. The cuff hooks and arms have symmetrical mirroring posing ability for fast posing. Pose/load files for G8F inclusive poses for the spreader are available in the pose library.

Stock: This is very cool stock figure with some new design elements added for some visual fun. This stock posable wrist and neck armatures and posable wrist stock locks. There is a posable and repositionable knee pad bar and posable ankle cuff bar. Most vital parts have morphable size and shape adjustments for perfect fits. This figure is symmetrical mirroring for easier posing. Pose/load files for G8F with inclusive pose files for the stock are available in the pose library.

Table 1: This stylish new table keeps your characters hip region fully accessible and can be mounted to any surface such as a wall or floor. It's posable armatures let you access your character at any angle. Most parts have size/shape morph adjustments to help with fit to any character.  The figure is also symmetrical mirroring for easier posing. Pose/load files for G8F with inclusive poses for the table are available in the pose library.

Table 1 Fuck Machine: This is an add-on figure for the Table 1 figure. It's got 2 separate tentacle/hoses with dildos on each hose. The dildo heads have several morphs for size and shape. You can hide the dildo heads if you want to place and parent your own tools to the hoses.  The hoses/tentacle have easypose bending technology built into them. There is a master bending node every 10 segments. The dildo bases have an "overall length" morph that will lengthen the hose/tentacle all in one shot.

Table Fuck Machine Combo: There is a pre-parented table/fuck machine combo figure provided in the package so you won't have to do any parenting.  Poses for the hoses are not supplied, simply move the dildo base around, position it, then pose the hose back into the receptacle on the tool base using the easypose bending.

Studio Camera: This is a very cool retro style studio camera like they use in television studios. This camera has posable armatures and a rotating tri-lens camera lens setup. Some parts have size/shape morphs for fitting adjustments. You can alter the texture map to supply your own screen image.
Console 1: This is an upright computer access panel with some ambient lit buttons. There is a morph to adjust the top height of the console.
Console 2 Valve:
This is a set of pipes with a valve control box. The box has a morph to twist the valves just a little. The top and bottom of the pipes have a length morph.

Console 3 Switch: This can be used as a light or power switch. There are morphs to turn each switch slightly.
Divider Wall: This is a divider wall that fits to the Chamber 4 figure. It's got some size and shape morphs for width and window top/bottom height. You can use this to further isolate your character within the chamber.

Heater: This is a simple heater prop with ambient lit heating elements that will glow in a dimly lit scene.
Cuffs: Smart propped Basic Scifi wrist and ankle cuffs are provided for your characters and are incorporated into the poses automatically.
A more detailed readme file is included in the product zip file



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.12
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested
Other Notes
(Poser only version is sold separatley)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8Genesis 8 Female
Other Notes
(V4/M4 support is in the Poser version, sold separatley)

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 8 Male and Female (

Chamber 4 "Core Package" For DazStudio

SKU: 64363
By: DavoFreeone

A new retro-modern observation chamber with unique restraints. Watch your favorite characters through the safety of the glass wall as they squirm.


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