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#1 Posted : Wednesday, January 3, 2024 3:32:23 PM(UTC)

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Hello I am new here and am looking for someone to give me some lessons on creating NSFW art, and I can pay a price of $100 per hour.

#2 Posted : Wednesday, January 3, 2024 5:05:41 PM(UTC)

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Hey chiferion,

The question isn't for lessons, the question is what exactly you'd like to do with it. Creating NSFW art is almost exactly the same as creating SFW art. If you're using Daz you get some things free with it, such as all the base Genesis figures and some clothes, plus a few enviroments. Some things aren't included, such as genitals, and most products you have to purchase. When I first started I had ideas of what I wanted to see, plus ideas of various artist styles I enjoyed in porn. What sources would you like to draw from? Who's work do you admire? Now look a bit deeper at some of your favorite pictures, analyze them. What EXACTLY do you like about them? The model? The pose? The lighting? The camera angle? The setting? For your first couple pictures try to replicate something similar - not exact - and put a bit of your own spin on it. What could make it look better?

Here's some tips I wish I knew back when I was starting out:

- Camera angles are important. There are always places for just a straight on shot of someone, a normal kind of pin-up. Changing the angle of the camera will give a more dynamic feeling, bring it more into the moment.

- Lighting is EXTREMELY important. If you can't see the picture it doesn't matter how good it is. On the flip side, too much light makes things look like a wash, obscuring details. I personally never use the dome anymore under 'Environment Options', either changing it to sun/sky only or scene only. I like the way the shadows work better and it feels like a bit of realism to me.

- You don't always need to show their entire body. A good close-up where you see every detail can be more erotic than anything, and adds a bit of imaginative mystery. Even a Cowboy shot can give great backround details while showing more of the model up close.

- Learn to hide what you don't have or can't show. One of my favorite art I've made is Apache's Revenge. The woman in the foreground is just shown thigh to lower back. One of the reasons was I didn't have the props or wardrobe I wanted to put on her. However, by purposely hiding the parts I didn't have I had to stretch to make it even more dynamic. 

- See what you already have that you can repurpose into something else. Sometimes things can look and act like other things, and the beauty of a flat picture is the angles let you hide things you don't want shown.

- Shaders are your friends! You can change the look of almost anything through the use of them. Create goo people, wooden swords, new fabrics for clothes. 

- Watch tutorials and ask for feedback. Best way to learn the basics while you create your own style.

- Don't buy everything at once! Get comfortable with what you have, add in things as you go. Five years ago I bought thousands from this site and others, and still haven't used half of them. Sometimes you just forget what you have.

Hope this helps!

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Pushee-Ri on 1/4/2024(UTC), ZenMaster3D on 2/12/2024(UTC)
#3 Posted : Thursday, January 4, 2024 1:08:12 PM(UTC)

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Wow, you have done a great job here with your tips!!! I especially like your reference to camera perspectives and camera angles - they can really turn a normal picture into a little work of art.

an additional tip to Bumper2's suggestions:

Hand and foot poses: sounds funny, but you can enhance even simple poses with a good, convincing hand position. Take my word for it.

I offer a few free poses here and elsewhere to get you started. Some of them are "only" test poses and some are EXT (= extracts, i.e. promos) of my regular pose sets.

Good Luck!
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Bumper2 on 1/4/2024(UTC)
#4 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2024 3:26:37 AM(UTC)

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Bumper already called it but I cannot help but stress this a little: imagination, aka implied results are more than often key. If you look at my gallery you'll see that I'm very dedicated to the classic "damsel in distress" trope, I think it's sexy and arousing as heck.

Thing is...  at one time I went 'beyond' my intend (which is the danger and stress; the heat of the moment) and I worked on a "path to demise"; my protagonist got killed. I'm regretting posting that even to this very day, and the only reason I am not taking the whole thing down is because other people did enjoy it and who am I to deny them of their fun? But  looking back it does not arouse me.

Now... the above may be a bit of an extreme example but it applies overall. Do you need penetration in full detail or.. could you do a more remote shot (b00bs can also help for arousing) and then imply that something happened? 

At the time of writing I am looking at ads, and much to my dismay the official product page doesn't show the "ad pic". Screw them. So...  I am looking at a male holding a female and the position is obvious: it implies penetration. Her b00bs also have full hard on nipples but the thing is: other than her b00bs there's nothing explicit in here. Yet I still consider this screenie arousing as heck: it implies intercourse.

Sometimes... less = more.

AND... welcome to the dark side ;)


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