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#1 Posted : Thursday, February 29, 2024 10:15:27 PM(UTC)

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I'm kinda curious to be honest... there are so many hot characters out there yet I am aware that some will always be fan favorites.

Care to share your dark fantasy? ;)

My first character that 'clicked' on so many levels was "Riley for Stephanie 5". I got taken aback by her facial expression on the product page, this led up to me grabbing a "Pro packages". Next thing I know I'm looking at Riley in full disclosure: public hair and all! Yah,that was the artists discretion but omg...  

I'm still using the character as homage... also for my avatar.

Second..... Sukai 8.

It's not just the MDL skins that make her look so good, it's also everything else in between. Seriously...

Look, when I made this render I really wasn't paying muhc attention to her face, but more so to whatever went down between her legs: this render was used in a dissucssion regarding the "Advanced pussy" prop. That doesn't matter now: just look at her face?

I wasn't even trying, and really...  most of the credit for that render goes to Daz Originals.

There's a reason why Sukai 8 has become the offical hostess of my blog ;)

#2 Posted : Friday, March 1, 2024 7:05:28 PM(UTC)

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I would have to say that my favorite G8 figure is Charlotte 8. My ultimate favorite (for now) is Carbon Crow's Demira for G9. Demira is the base for my Cassandra character.
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ZenMaster3D on 3/1/2024(UTC)
#3 Posted : Saturday, March 2, 2024 12:25:08 AM(UTC)

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One of my all-time favourite models is "Eve" by HID3d (DAZ original). I've used this model in many of my promos and I especially love the flexibility when it comes to facial expressions.

When it comes to sensual, full-bodied models, I like to use "Lilly" - a character morph from AshenPortfolio. You can take a look at her in my two "HOFs" projects. The nice thing about this model: it is 100% GF8 base compatible - so there is no need to fiddle around with poses until the pose looks the way it should.
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ZenMaster3D on 3/17/2024(UTC)
#4 Posted : Sunday, March 3, 2024 2:42:32 PM(UTC)

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I find my favorite characters are the ones I create from various models, a body of one or two, the same for facial features, and then I try different material presets on each to see how different skins look, and different makeup within those material settings. Some happy accidents can also happen as you try some enhancements for the weight, hip size, different breast and nipple shapes, etc. That's what is Daz's greatest strengths, being able to mix and match on characteristics and clothes and props. It can give you the freedom to make an original that is different from everyone else.
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ZenMaster3D on 3/3/2024(UTC), Pushee-Ri on 3/3/2024(UTC)
#5 Posted : Monday, March 4, 2024 5:48:48 PM(UTC)

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Good Goddess, I have so many...

I feel that Gen3 had the best variation in released figures. Almost all felt new and different, not just almost the same body slapped with a new face. Some of my favorites:

Honey was the first I ever bought. Sexy, curvy, nice dark skin. A beautiful middle aged woman.

Aurelia has that NYC Italian look I love.

Karly is super cute, and I love her skin tones

Esther is a smoking hot latina, and the subject of the first series I ever made (never posted). Just wish she had anatomical assets.

Georgia, a girl with freckles? I freaking love freckles!

Kori is just a sensual beauty.

Gemma gives the best rocker girl vibes from the 80's and 90's.

Nancy's a robust, voluptuous woman.

Melisandra has great goth girl feelings.

Kennedy shows white girls can have a booty.

Tobias and Lukas are my go-to men. Lukas having a built in face scar is excellent for villians.

Rahele is a sun-drenched polynesian goddess.

Ana-Sofia, Sushmita, Cosmina, Eliya, Piper, Shaya, Summer, Natalie, Karen, Genevieve 7, Olympia 7, Kalea 7? Perfection.

Honorable mention to Pretty Base. I love when creators release the figures they use in their examples. Pretty3D is great at this, making them for each generation.

Should I move on to Gen8? Alisha, Alaska, Alondra, Bellucci, Celina 8, Sabah, Daniella, Binah, Desiree, Dezzi, Domino, Farah, Kirana, Elaheh, Krista, Kiara, Gia 8, Hadlee, Isla, Khemsit 8, Melani, Midori, Nuka, Paige, Phoebe, Rynne 8, Welda, Ulrike, Yoshie. All are superb. 

However, I have to agree with Zeppelin. My absolutes are ones I make myself, combining and shaping. I have over 35 characters I've made and saved as custom presets. Yes, I use the materials from other characters (including that in their names to change things if need be), but my favorites still are my own and one of the reasons I tend to stick with series that include them.

I know my writings weren't helpful, but this prompt was fun! It makes me think about how often I use and reuse characters and how much I love them. Thanks!


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ZenMaster3D on 3/4/2024(UTC)
#6 Posted : Tuesday, March 5, 2024 2:35:41 PM(UTC)

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For the more detailed, realistic yet "idealized" characters I love Fred Winkler/Emrys, Mousso(sp?) and Kayleyss.

For the more fun, stylized characters, I usually mix those characters with The Girl and a little of Pretty NG by Pretty3D.

I also love the overall softer look of Silver/Jessaii's characters.

I've bought characters from lots of different PA's, but those are the ones I've always used in my promos and personal renders.

#7 Posted : Wednesday, March 6, 2024 5:53:37 AM(UTC)

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Most SASE characters have a look that appeals to me. Their faces have just the right balance of strength and vulnerability.

My absolute favourite is Penelope. Slim, but obviously adult, her proportions are perfect and make her look realistic. I hate exaggerated proportions that turn characters into cartoons.
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