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Sequential Adult CGI With Too Many Words And Not Enough Sex™"

Now with even more words! Because we all know you only come to this website for the stories.

My latest "pinup with plot" adventure is Ingeneuxity!
The school year is almost over and a random conversation between Lisette and Felicity leads to a friendly wager. Does the second-least fuckable guy at school have any hidden game potential, or is he 100% lame when it comes to women?
I think this story sets a new record for dialogue-to-sex ratio. Hopefully Renderotica won't kick me out for insufficient smuttiness. I try to make straight-up porn, honest, but I keep getting distracted by plot and dialogue. I've got to learn to keep my mind out of the library and in the gutter where it belongs.
Anyway, you have been warned.

Botfriend Girlfriend


When you meet that special someone, you notice all the wonderful things about them. When you're a robot, you notice these things with a high degree of mathematical precision, and commit that data to permanent memory where it's always exactly the same as the day it was acquired.

(Robot love comes equipped with checksums.)

But does not having a heart mean you can't end up broken-hearted?



Inspired by and starring Casey Reed.

Decided to experiment with the venerable 3-panel comic format for this outing.

Fan mail and professional inquiries for Ms. Reed may be directed to the RedAnt Talent Agency at RenderHub 3D dot com.

Road Buddy

A travelogue of sorts...

Mira and Portia are just looking to have a good time on their vacation. But they have to get there first! Fortunately they get a little help from one of the locals. And he gets... well, you'll see.

For this light-hearted story I experimented with more of a cartoony style for the characters. But it's definitely not for kids.


Cousins: Headwaters

Headwaters winds back the clock to Nile's college years. Family changes, new friendships, and fresh opportunities abound as learning, partying and navigating the adult world all come together.

The non-erotic pieces of this series can be found in my Deviant Art gallery.

Cousins: Twin Rivers Tributaries

The further adventures of Nile back on her home turf in the big city of Twin Rivers. Family and friends, lovers and losers, high-rollers and hard-hatters. They're all here living cheek-to-jowl, and you never know where adventure will take you next!

The talkier, non-erotic pieces of this series can be found in my Deviant Art gallery.

Cousins: Club Night Goals

Cousins is the story of Nile and some of her family and friends.

Nile is a young woman with a pirate's heart and an insatiable taste for adventure. She is just a year out of college and has moved to the big city to take the adult world by storm. 

The story starts when she spends the weekend visiting her cousin Alizeti, who lives in a smaller nearby city. The two grew up together with Ali, a few years older, often taking on the "mature" role and attempting to rein in Nile's wilder impulses. That fact that she hardly ever succeeds doesn't stop her from trying. Although Ali is sometimes exasperated by Nile's wild ways, and Nile is sometimes frustrated by Ali's more cautious tendencies, the two share a deep bond.

Nile doesn't let anything get in the way of what she wants though, not even her beloved cousin.

And what she wants is to see how much fun she can wring out of forty-eight hours in Ali's back yard!

Also Showing

I re-post things and parts of things over at Deviant Art as well.

The DA stuff is either the R rated version of what was previously posted here, or stories that have no erotic component and so wouldn't be appropriate here.

In addition, I've started cross-posting some of my stories at Comic Fury which has better navigation and management tools, but doesn't have DA's bizarre rules about what kind of nudity and sex is permissible and what isn't. (Good luck separating porn from art, DA. People have been trying to draw that line for centuries and failing, but you do you.)

• Twin River Tributaries
• Ingeneuxity

Kinktober 2020

I did a month's worth of renders for the Kinktober 2020 challenge over at Deviant Art. Some came out more pin-up than kink, but I'm OK with that. If you are too, clicky the clicky and check it out: