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Male, born on January 1st.
Website: erogenesis Art
Location: First Malawi, now the UK
Occupation: Geologist, Anti-poaching, C# .NET developer, writer, musician... and Erotic CG Artist
Sex, whisky, sleep.... I don't do anal or hard BDSM. >>>For more information about my models, please scroll down.<<<
About Me:
Long and boring story, full of love, pain, treachery, corruption, guns, 4x4s, elephants, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll! the typical white-African lifestyle.

The erogirls

Character and spirit

My girls were designed around the fond memories I have of my University student times in various parts of Europe, and my times working in the wildlife park in Africa. My comics intend to reflect some of the naughtiness I witnessed, or was told about.

These girls all have their individual characters, some smart, some ditsy, some dopy, some sly, some naughty, come cautious, some nerdy... but they are all women that carry themselves with a healthy measure of self-worth like all people should (incl men). Nothing is more attractive than a woman that embraces who she is, and enjoys being one too.
There are many more ladies, but their characters are still in development, like Miyu, Merel, Shanaya and Louise.

Fictional origins
They come from the Mediterranean (Italy, France), Senegal, Scotland, England, Holland (also Frysian), Sweden, Poland, India, Japan, South Africa, Canada and USA. I also have an African girl in the works and I am doing research on a Native American too.

3D origins
3D technically all the girls have their entirely unique faces and corresponding smiles designed specifically for them (as in, not made from shared morphs). Their morphs and expressions are entirely custom designed, none of which comes from stock figures or morphs. Most of them also have entirely unique bodies too. Their base figure is the Erogirl which I designed in 3DSMax and zBrush, which has undergone several iterations and hybridizations. Before 2014 they used to be based on the stock DAZ V4 figure.

Biometrics and age
All my girls represent young adult women of the ages from 19-25. (Laila is the youngest (19), Julie the oldest (22)). They vary in height from 1.60m (Laila) to 1.85m (Julie).  Their faces are based on actual girls I know and love from my University student times to later (one of them is my girlfriend IRL). You'll notice that most of them do not have the angular jaw Hollywood bombshell look but rather more everyday female chubby cheeks. Their bodies are also a bit more rounded than your typical catwalk model / porn star. I do confess that this is my taste. Their boob shapes are also within the realm of physical possibility, from cup A to cup DD or even E. Their faces might be a little more varied and stylized, also to protect the identities of the of the girls they were inspired from, but still intend to capture their spirit.

If you're not used to it, all this might make them stand out a bit differently from the rest of the 3DX crowd.

Lali is NOT a Loli!

For the record: Lali is NOT a Loli (nor are the other girls). Lali's name is NOT a play on 'Loli' which seems to be a thing on the internet these days (also Map I believe?). I vehemently distance myself from these genres (Map and Loli). The term Loli comes from Lolita, basically referring to the underage character in Nabokov's controversial book with the same name. My characters are most decidedly NOT underage. Also, because of the fictional nature of this work, I cannot produce an ID like a real girl or professional photographer can. Therefore I adhere strictly to biometric data, photographs and memory of the women I've been inspired by. All their body proportions are based both on real 3D scans as well as artistic proportions references. They are all of legal age.

Lali's name comes from the Swahili words 'Lala Salama', which means 'sleep well'. The girl that Lali was inspired from (21) pronounced it 'Lali Salami' as a joke, hence Lali. Also, with Laila, one of the girls that Maria is inspired from (22) had hebrew origins and said 'Laila Tov' which is hebrew for 'sleep Well', hence the name Laila.


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