SamuelKhan's Tickled In Distress


Gorgeous co-ed Heather D'Angelo is kidnapped by the evil Osiris organization as insurance for their plot to extort $1 Billion from the government or they will unleash a firery chemical upon the city. The commando detatchment known only as G-Squad sends their sexy redhead agent H10 to seek out both Heather and the Hellbringer chemical to thwart the sinister plans of Dr. Sinistus and his henchman Moeller and H10 beautiful but deadly arch-enemy Valkrex. Heather and H10 are both tied up and subjected to tickle torture from their captors. Can H10 escape the clutches of Sinistus? Will Heather survive her erotic captivity of Valkrex and her perverted wishes?

1 PDF e-comic

116 pages in full color
321 Renders made with Poser 6

This e-comic is in PDF form and can be viewed using Adobe Reader available at



SamuelKhan's Tickled In Distress

SKU: SKU28702
By: SamuelKhan

Saving the world is hard when you're TICKLED IN DISTRESS! Presenting my very first e-comic adventure for those bondage, barefeet and tickling enthusiasts who also want more than just girls tied up and tickled.


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