Bondage Business Meeting Pt 3
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Here is a little something from my archives for members of Renderotica. This is the 4th Commissioned script I did for Wolf and took several years to complete. Starting in early 2007 and ending in mid-2008 it used all the latest technology of the times, including the brand new DAZ Victoria 4.

The story line:
Fawne is a businesswoman who has a meeting with Kane's son David and his associate. She's trying to pull the wool over his eyes and make a bundle from his business ineptitude. Little does she know that David has been tipped off by his dad and plans to turn the tables on her in a big way. While he has his secretary Sharon and Hanako "attend" to her, he and his buddy get sent a reward by Kane which includes 4 gorgeous co-eds who are ready and willing to get it on!

This PDF is Part III of III and Contains a total of 116 hi-res pictures including:
Scenes 1-2............70 pictures
Pinups 1..............36 pictures
Previews..............10 pictures



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Bondage Business Meeting Pt 3

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By: Midnite

This is the Story of a business meeting gone wrong, with the lead negotiator getting what she deserved. The PDF is Part III of III and contains a total of 116 hi-res pictures at 1280x860 resolution.


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