Cave Monsters


+ BONUS : Full HD Gif with Monsters double-penetration

After a short trip and a brief search, some girlfriends found and entrance to an underground cave and decided to go down. The cave was very spacious, with an altar. In the corner there were burning torches, as if someone lit them before the arrival of the girls. It surprised them, but for some reason they were not alarmed. Her friends began to inspect the cave and suddenly began to notice some shades. There was a rustle and a splash. Within a few seconds Samantha fell into the water, something very hard grabbed her by the legs. Two other girls had time to escape and hide under the arches of the cave. Samantha did not even notice, as she was shirtless, she was very scared, but she was terrified when she saw what had grasped her. It was some ugly monster with fangs, nasty face and long legs. It was not an animal, but not a human! The monster dragged the girl to the stairs, out of the water. Find out what happens next…

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Cave Monsters

SKU: 57867
By: HyperComics

Jessica accidentally found in the institute library, an old worn map with a strange mark. Together with her friends Samantha and Lian, they decided to find out what's there.


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