Cara Lox: The Demon's Kiss
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Redrobot3D Proudly Presents:
“Cara Lox-The Demon’s Kiss”

Cara Lox returns in a brand new erotic supernatural adventure!
When we last saw our beloved explorer she was getting gangbanged by a zombie horde in the hot, dense South American jungle, now Cara must fight off a demonic onslaught in this sexually supercharged action packed comic.

Cara's on the hunt for a rumored demon artifact in the French country side. Finding nothing but disappointment in a dusty old vase and broken sword, she heads back to her estate to investigate her leads.

Back home, Cara learns that the broken sword is actually the fabled "The Demon's Kiss". A holy relic once used by Joan of Arc to stop a demon that was terrorizing the local villages. However the sword and artifact was never seen again.

With that in mind, Cara decides to call it a day and heads to her bedroom for a restful night of sleep.
Sleep doesn't come easy for her as her pent up libido takes over and Cara has to relieve herself with some frantic masturbation using the hilt of the legendary sword!

However her pussy isn't the only thing that comes alive as Cara's sexual energy allows the demon to escape its prison!

Will Cara be able to fight off the demon's sexual prowess? Or will she be forever enslaved to its nonstop sexual frenzy? Find out in "Cara Lox: The Demon's Kiss!"  

Redrobot3D and writer Barbie Lez bring the next chapter to the bestselling Cara Lox series for your enjoyment. If you’re a fan of supernatural erotica than this comic is for you!

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Cara Lox: The Demon's Kiss

SKU: 57570
By: Redrobot3D

Cara's next adventure might be her last when she runs into a sex obsessed succubus!


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