G8F Attractive Shapes
Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-21.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-20.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-19.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-18.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-17.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-16.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-15.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-14.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-13.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-12.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-11.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-10.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-09.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-08.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-07.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-06.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-05.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-04.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-03.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-02.jpg Rotica-Shapes-Attr-Shapes-G8F-01.jpg Attr-Shapes-G8F-Lingerie-Promo-CGB-(1).jpg CGB-AttShapeG8F-Night-Hefty-Promo-(1).jpg CGB-AttShapeG8F-Night-Medium-Promo-(1).jpg CGB-AttShapeG8F-Night-Skinny-Promo-(1).jpg Newsletter-Chaosophia-G8F-Attractive-Shapes.jpg Rotica-WFalls-Scene-AttrShapG8F-Promo.jpg


20 shapes to give even more definition to the new Genesis 8 Female figure. From short to tall, lumpy and frumpy, to big and small. This shaping package will give a variety of natural looking curves to satisfy the need to for any BBW enthusiast. This pack is not just for the BBW crowd, it also has petite curvy shapes, and muscular shapes as well.

10 Poses slightly tweaked from the original Attractive Shapes For G3F to fit to the G8F model with G8F body morphs.
10 Newly crafted shapes
1 Zero Pose Shape to return G8F to her out of the box form.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.9+
PoserNot Supported

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8Genesis 8 Female

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(Genesis 8 Starter Essentials)

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G8F Attractive Shapes

SKU: 57417
By: Chaosophia

20 Shape presets for Genesis 8 Female


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