The Submissive Volume 2
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The Submissive: Volume 2 by Choppski
Retired Colonel Anderson “Dutch” Rogers just can’t believe how exciting his life has become now that he has found his sub, Clark. Not only does he wake every morning to Clark’s well-trained mouth or mancunt servicing his cock, but his group of friends and play partners keeps expanding. Dutch and Clark believe that their lives could not get any better, and then some new opportunities for pleasure arrive—in the form of devoted Dillon, Alpha Male Brick, and slut whore Eli. Follow their adventures as Dutch comes to realize that a dream he never believed could come true just might be happening.
The Submissive: Volume 2 follows the pattern of my more recent comics in being more of an image-illustrated novella than a traditional comic. It is 75 pages total, with 64 pages of images. Please be warned that the graphic sexual exploits include bondage, watersports, fisting, felching, flogging, gangbangs along with a lot of good old sucking, fucking, rimming, breeding and cum eating.
Special Bonus: 20 full size high resolution TIFF versions of selected images from the comic.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher to view it. The images are best viewed at 80-100 percent. The text at times is best viewed at a slightly higher percent. The comic can be opened using Mac or Windows OS. The Zip file is approximately 118 MB. When unzipped the files are 158 MB for the Folder of TIFF images and 13 MB for the PDF. To view the TIFF images, you will need any program that can open that image format.
These Rendered Images are for personal use only and may not be distributed without the Author’s Express Permission. Image Content is considered Adult in Nature and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. Choppski bears no responsibility for anyone under the age of 18 buying or viewing this PDF document. Any resemblance to individuals real or fictional is purely coincidental. All images depict adults and any sexual activity is completely consensual.
Files list:
These files are included with this purchase
* Choppski’s Comic “The Submissive: Volume 2” A PDF document of 75 pages
* Bonus folder of 20 High Resolution TIFF files of images from the comic.
* Read Me File / Disclaimer
* License
Detailed Installation Instructions:
Unzip the PDF document into any folder you desire. Then either click on the PDF Icon, or open Adobe Acrobat reader 7.0 or above and then click on Open File, and browse to the document you wish to open.



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Retired Colonel Anderson “Dutch” Rogers just can’t believe how exciting his life has become now that he has found his sub, Clark. Follow their adventures as Dutch and Clark meet devoted Dillon, Alpha Male Brick, and slut whore Eli.


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