Super Halloween Heat: Year Three
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Wikkidlester's Shameless Holiday Themed Comic: Super Halloween Heat Year Three

Season of the BBWitch

The third annual Halloween themed comic, this year we see a little witchcraft and a lot of plump curves.  Zelda Hindelburg was minding her own business when a couple of fitness fanatics run her down and scoff at her plump curves.  But Zelda gets the last laugh when she stumbles upon magic powers which she uses to curse the two tormentors.

First, Todd is given a huge cock that seems to be doing all the thinking for him.  And after Margo gets a taste, she seems to always be hungry for more.  Enjoy this fun holiday fantasy courtesy of the Wikkid one.
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Super Halloween Heat: Year Three

SKU: 56308
By: wikkidlester

Season of the BBWitch - After being ridiculed by an obnoxious couple, a plus-sized cutie is granted magical powers to exact revenge on the workout buffs and curse them with insatiable cravings.


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