Topsy Boxy Complete
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Topsy Boxy is a fun accessible catfight boxing game where you take control of our busty little blonde boxer and rise up through the ranks to take on the champ!

Each fight unlocks new bonuses, including lots of new moves, along with Speed, Cardio, and Power training sessions.  Pick your upgrades for each fight, and KO your sexy opponent for access to the super sexy XXX ending menu- with over 24 different tasty endings, and even a slave girl bonus round!

And don't forget this boxin' good time comes with a 23 page Player's Guide and 10 hot wallpapers.

Topsy Boxy is fast paced, fun and easy to play.  Time to bounce your way to victory!



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Topsy Boxy Complete

SKU: 56295
By: Barbarianbabes

Topsy Boxy complete brings you 11 rounds of super sexy foxy boxing action, along with dozens of tasty unlockables including 24 different XXX endings, multiple training sessions, and hot new boxing moves!


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