Iray Texture Pack 27 For G3F Genitalia
AMBROSIA3D-Genitalia-Texture-1.jpg AMBROSIA3D-Genitalia-Texture-2.jpg AMBROSIA3D-Genitalia-Texture-3.jpg AMBROSIA3D-Genitalia-Texture-4.jpg AMBROSIA3D-Genitalia-Texture-5.jpg AMBROSIA3D-Genitalia-Texture-6.jpg AMBROSIA3D-Genitalia-Texture-7.jpg Ambrosia3D-Genitalia-Texture-for-Drina-1.jpg Ambrosia3D-Genitalia-Texture-for-Drina-2.jpg Ambrosia3D-Genitalia-Texture-for-Drina-3.jpg Ambrosia3D-Genitalia-Texture-for-Erica-1.jpg Ambrosia3D-Genitalia-Texture-for-Erica-2.jpg Ambrosia3D-Genitalia-Texture-for-Erica-3.jpg Ambrosia3D-Genitalia-Texture-for-Hahana-1.jpg Ambrosia3D-Genitalia-Texture-for-Hahana-2.jpg Ambrosia3D-Genitalia-Texture-for-Hahana-3.jpg


Feel the power of the great IRAY RENDER and get wonderful images no matter how close you get them!

Your new textures will match with all precision in your character and the precision will remain in any pose!

Bend her and watch how your new textures will keep everything in place!

Light them and watch how your new textures bring you exact match with your character!

Everything, in a simple and easy way!!



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 3Genesis 3 Female

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Iray Texture Pack 27 For G3F Genitalia

SKU: 56286
By: Ambrosia3d

Textures for: Drina, Erica and Hahana. Now your character is complete!! With these new textures, you can use the GENESIS 3 FEMALE GENITALIA with your character in a simple and easy way!


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