Sex In Car For V4M4
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System Requirements:

Poser 2014 and above

Victoria 4.2 base; Michael 4 base;M4 Morph++; Lali's Bits 1.04.2

CarRanger by petipet from daz3d

The product NOT test in D|S



11 expressions for V4

25 Camera inside the car
25 duo Genitalia for V4&M4
25 couples poses for V4&M4

25 INJ&REM poses for Car

20 INJ&REM Hidden set for Car


Usage Tips or Limitations:

*Load the M4, V4, load Lali's Bits for V4 from pose-folder called: "!Erogenesis" and double-click "INJECT_LALI_BITS - POSER PRO 2012(c18)"to V4,

go to Pose--->disordercode--->Sex In Car.

1.When you load LALI BITS,Please first load "!!LALI_BITS Force limits OFF", and load any pose you would like to use.

2.M4 genital named Gn, such as 01 M4 Gn; 02 M4 Gn,M4 Gn pose included Morphs channel.

3.V4 genital named V4Gn, such as 01 V4 Gn; 02 V4 Gn,V4 Gn pose included Morphs channel.

4.Use "!!Car Hidden"files folder, that can help you easily hide some parts of the car.

5.25 cameras set up inside the car.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 10+
 Poser 11+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4

Product Requirements

M4 Morphs ++

Required Products

Erogenesis - Lali's Bits v1 Poser/DS Bundle

Required 3rd Party Products
Car Ranger (
Michael 4 (
Victoria 4 (

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Sex In Car For V4M4

SKU: 55241
By: disordercodefaintblue

25 couples poses for V4&M4


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