Dark Void Amalgamate 4079 For Poser
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New Species: Amalgamate 4079
- Classified documents Redacted

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Asteroid 4079; Spore Colony,

Several types of the species remains have been discovered only recently, with much speculation on their origins. Xenobiologists are calling it "Amalgamate", analogous to the theories that it is primarily parasitic. Within the dozen or so sets of remains, there is evidence that the creature cannibalizes a host body, breaking down it's physiognomy and restructuring it to a new organism. There are also many familiar features from unrelated species giving more theories about "form memory"

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Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserPoser 9+

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Dark Void Amalgamate 4079 For Poser

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Recently discovered Life Form; Amalgamate 4079


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