3DFiends' Rustic Loft With Morphing Furniture
3DF_RusticLoft_lights1080.jpg 3DF_RusticLoft_Props11080.jpg 3DF_RusticLoft_Props21080.jpg 3DF_RusticLoft3CushionCouch1080.jpg 3DF_RusticLoftCameraViews1080.jpg 3DF_RusticLoftOversizedChair1080.jpg



1 Preload for Set
1 3 Cushion Morphing Couch
1 Oversized Morphing Chair
1 Bench with Morphing Cushion
1 Platform Bed with Morphing Pillows
6 camera poses
3 light sets
4 Material Sets each for the Couch & Chair
6 Materials for the Bed Sheets, Pillows, Blanket and Bench Cushion
1 On and 1 Off textures for the Lamp Prop
5 Bar Glass Props
11 Bottle Props
11 Various Furniture Props
8 Misc Props

Lots of details this set was inspired by a home we saw for sale that had tree trunks holding up the roof.  This set has tree trunk posts holding up the loft with a spiral staircase for access.  Tree trunk bar stools.  A large window over looking a desert scene.  And a cozy fireplace and big screen TV.

The morphing couch has 30 different "squish" morphs for posing, 3 for each of the bottom back, and top cushions.

The morphing oversized chair has 12 "squish morphs".

The pillows on the bed had 3 "squish" morphs.

The window seat pad has  5 "squish" morphs.

There are a lot of details in this set, please see the images for more pictures of the set.

PC Compatible.
(SSS= Sub Surface Scattering)

Props Notes  - Morph able Props
This set has 4 figures that have morph dials on them.

1. 3 Cushion Couch - This has lots of zones, 3 for each cushion, and one for the entire length, and 1 each for the arms.

2. Oversized Chairs - There are two Oversized chairs one downstairs and one in the loft, and both have 3 squish zones for bottom, back, and top cushions, plus one zone for each arm.

3. Window Bench - The Window bench has 5 zones for squishing.

1. Pillows - The pillows on the bed have 3 zones you can squish for poses.

All of these load in the initial pz3 or !PreloadSet under figures.  They are also available individually under Figures for use in other sets.

Props Notes  - Furniture
The Rustic Loft is the first part of a series of rooms and consists of a bedroom area loft, living room area and a bar area.  The bar has hand carved tree-trunk bar stools.  The Bar Shelves are available to load with or without all of the bottles, glasses and cans.

There are also available

Bar with Stools
Big Chest
Big TV
Bookshelf With Books
DVD Cabinet with player and DVD's
Small Chest
Small Table

The Bar, Bar with Stools, Bar Shelves Full and Empty all load in their respective area in the set.  The rest load in at Zero.

Props Notes  - Bottles and Glasses

There are 11 styles of fancy bottles and 5 styles of glasses (including a shot glass) that are available to load in individually.  The glasses and bottles have a procedural textures that makes them look like fantasy glass instead of clear glass.

Props Notes  - Misc Props
The following Misc Props are also available and load in at the zero position.

Candle in a Holder
2 different Magazines
Soda Can
Set of Speakers.  The top part of the speaker is on a pole that can be raised and lowered.
Camera Notes
There are 6 poses for the main camera to help in navigating the set. This set is rather tight, so all of the walls can be hidden individually in order to help with poses.

Lights Notes

There are 3 light sets.

1. Nice bright lights for the entire set.

2. 3 spot lights that light up the bar, corresponding to the over the bar lights, plus one

exterior spot simulating sunlight, and one IBL light to help light up shadows.

3.  Spot light parented to the two upstairs lamps.  2 point lights parented to the candles. 1

point for the fireplace. 1 Outdoor spot for sunlight.


Poser 9 and  above.
PC computer ONLY.
Note - Satin Materials use Sub Surface Scattering (SSS)  Which is only compatible with Poser 9 and above.

Morphing furniture is only compatible with Poser 9 and above.

Other props, furniture, and the set should work in lower versions of Poser, however they have NOT been tested in them.

NOT DAZ STUDIO COMPATIBLE due to procedural material files.
NOT MAC COMPATIBLE due to file name lengths.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 9+
Other Notes
Daz Studio(May work with texture adjustments)

3DFiends' Rustic Loft With Morphing Furniture

SKU: SKU30823
By: 3DXFiends

Loft bedroom with living room with fireplace, morphing couch and chair and a large bar area full of glasses and bottles. The perfect getaway for your executives.


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